Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sketch Attack - Aayla Secura - FOR SALE!

Aayla Secura Color Print © Lucasfilm
By Corey Breen
Photoshop Colors

Above is the finished piece done for the new Sketch Blog on Tumblr called "Sketch Attack" that I belong to along with current and past employee's at DC Comics! The original piece below was done in Copic Markers on Comic Board and is available for purchase right here on my Blog to the right through PayPal!

11 x 17 ART FOR SALE - $150

Receive a free COLOR Print of the piece with purchase of the original art!


Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Tumblr Collective!

So all these comic book artists seem to be forming these groups online and starting their own Blogs and Tumblr accounts. Friends and professionals are banding together and joining forces online to do weekly sketches and drawings for their fans, and they have all been fantastic!

For a long time, a lot of my coworkers and I having been doing what these blogs are doing in our office. For years in the bullpen and in lettering we would pick random characters and we each draw our version of that character. Now that al
l these Blogs are popping up doing just that, we decided it was time to jump in the on the fun online too, and post what we have been doing for such a long time.

So my friend and coworker, Pat put together a team of DC artists and letterers, past and present, and started our own Tumblr account. You all know how it works. We will pick a topic every other week, be it a comic book character, book, movie... anything really, and all the artists will draw their interpretation of it and then they will all be posted on the Sketch Attack Tumblr account!

Our "collective" of artists that make up our Sketch Attack Tumblr account are the following artists:

Patrick Brosseau - Senior Letterer
Dezi Sienty - Letterer
Corey Breen - Senior Pre-Press Artist
Steve Wands - Letterer
Carlos Mangual - Letterer
Harvey Richards - Editor
Fredrick Haynes - Designer
Jessica Ellison - Executive Assistant
Sal Cipriano - Managing Letterer
Travis Lanham - Letterer
Michael Sellers - Senior Pre-Press Artist
Marco DiLeonardo - Digital Pre-Press Artist

So come along for the ride, and I hope you Follow us on Tumblr.


I will be reposting the art from that site after it is published right here on MY Blog, and when I do it will be FOR SALE! I will post it to Paypal with the price, and you can purchase the ORIGINAL art!

Once again, follow the site and then check back here to see it and/or BUY it, as we tackle some of the COOLEST characters and themes you can think of!

Suggestions taken for topics too, so feel free to shout out!

The site again is:

Thanks everyone!

Corey Breen

PS- In OTHER news, 52-by-1 will START the WEEK of January 1st and will be ONCE a week for the ENTIRE year, following that. The reason it was pushed back:

Tyler Matthew Breen

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Completely Random!

Strawberry Shortcake © American Greetings
By Corey Breen

I decided to color this, lol.


I guess.


Thursday, September 29, 2011

Recent Commissions

Supergirl © DC Comics
Pencil 11 x 17
By Corey Breen

Robin © DC Comics
Pencil 11 x 17
By Corey Breen

I think I posted the original sketches for these a while back, but here are the final commissions that were done for two clients!

I would LOVE to do more of these, so hit me up with some requests and I'll let you know about pricing and things of that nature.

Also don't forget to check out my gallery on Flickr to see what pieces are also available for sale.

Thanks, and enjoy!

Corey Breen

Monday, September 19, 2011

This One Goes Out To... A fan!

Batman © DC Comics
By Corey Breen

This was done for a fan of mine who has been hugely supportive of my work and recently purchased some really cool pieces of mine. So I drew him this Batman sketch in the back of my Art of Corey Breen 2010 book.

You too could own your very own sketch by purchasing the book (a link is on the front page of my Blog to the right), or by purchasing some original artwork from here here:

Thanks so much, Elliot, I hope you like the art you purchased and your original Batman sketch!

Now to continue drawing my "52 by 1" cover projects!


Thursday, September 1, 2011

CjB Productions Art For Sale!

© Corey Breen

I am currently having a sale on a lot of my original art!

If you would like to purchase any artwork you see in my galleries, please shoot me an email at -


FREE "ART OF COREY BREEN" with your purchase of $50 or more!

PRINTS available too!

Check out my gallery here:

Thank you!

Corey Breen

Sunday, August 28, 2011

VisionSOIAF ~ The Art of "A Song of Ice and Fire"

Just wanted to pass along a link to a WONDERFUL site that features some fantastic, amazing art based on the world of A Song of Ice & Fire. On the site you will find some of the most astonding artwork based on the books and TV series by professionals and fans alike.

My art is now featured there, and I feel very honored to be a part of this site.



Thursday, August 18, 2011

Love My Robin

Robin © DC Comics
By Corey Breen

Took awhile for this character to grow on me, especially since I grew up with Tim Drake as MY Robin, and Stephaine Brown becoming my FAVORITE Robin of all time (for two months before we freakin' KILLED her off, lol), but Damian Wayne has turned out to be pretty, damn, COOL!

I drew this trying to nail down a cover for the first in my "52 by 1" project. Not gonna use it; I came up with another idea, so I thought I'd share this one separately. I think that may happen here and there as I work through all 52 titles!

Hope you dig,

Have a good weekend everybody!


Thursday, August 11, 2011

52 by 1 Fantasy Draft!

DC Comics Logo © DC Comics

The order of which I am drawing all 52 covers has been drawn. I picked each title randomly out of a hat, and the order is as follows.

1. Batman & Robin

2. DCU Presents

3. Green Arrow

4. Batwing

5. Suicide Squad

6. Hawk & Dove

7. Animal Man

8. Grifter

9. Red Lanterns

10. Wonder Woman

11. Teen Titans

12. Superman

13. Aquaman

14. Legion of Superheroes

15. Batman

16. Stormwatch

17. The Flash

18. Justice League Dark

19. Superboy

20. Batgirl

21. Deathstroke

22. Demon Knights

23. Static Shock

24. All-Star Western

25. Batman The Dark Knight

26. Supergirl

27. Blackhawks

28. OMAC

29. Captain Atom

30. Green Lantern

31. Legion Lost

32. Voodoo

33. Detective Comics

34. Red Hood & Outlaws

35. Resurrection Man

36. I, Vampire

37. Mister Terrific

38. Savage Hawkman

39. Green Lantern Corps

40. Nightwing

41. Swamp Thing

42. Birds of Prey

43. Justice League International

44. Catwoman

45. Men of War

46. Frankenstein Agent of Shade

47. Green Lantern New Guardians

48. Blue Beetle

49. Batwoman

50. Fury of Firestorm

51. Action Comics

52. Justice League

I will stick to this order as much as humanly possible. And I SWEAR that Justice League came out LAST in the random draw. I did NOT do that on purpose. BUT what a way to end it once I get there, with the MAIN DCU book, JUSTICE LEAGUE! I think that just proves that this was fate and I was meant to do it this way, in this order.

So first up is Batman & Robin #1 cover.

Again, I need I HUGE jump start on this project so I can make sure that everyone following will get ONE cover a week for 52 weeks. So you wont see the first cover until I'm like 5-10 covers deep into the project. I will update you all on Twitter & Facebook on my progress.


52... here I GO!


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

52 by 1 Announced!

DC Comics Logo is © DC Comics


I've been thinking long and hard about what I want to REALLY focus on with my art these days. Do I focus on Concept Art? Do I focus on trying to be a Cover Artist? Do I focus on finally trying to do some Interior Sequential pages? "What do [I] want to DO with my life?" LOL

Well, I came up with lots of ideas, and finally it really hit me. I really WANT to be a Concept Artist, and I really want to be a Comic Book Cover Artist. I do not really want to do interiors. I know thats not the best thing to say to editors or people in the industry trying to take you seriously as a comic book artist, but it's just the truth. I excel at the big Pin-Up and the Big Money Shot, such as a cover would be. So I decided to continue with my concept art portfolio, that is a MUST. BUT, I also came up with an amazing project to do that I REALLY excited about, that will hopefully prove that I can be a comic book cover artist.

I'm calling it 52 by 1! As you all know, DC Comics, my main employer for the past 11 years, is doing an epic relaunch of their ENTIRE comic book line in September! All DCU comic books are "rebooting" and starting over at #1! There will be 52 #1 issues! Suffice to say, I am REALLY excited about it! All new titles, new costumes, new stories! Thinking about all of it the other day, I pondered how COOL it would be if all the new #1 issue's covers were done by ONE artist. I was like, "man, wouldn't it be cool if one artist tackled all 52 covers for the relaunch?!". Then I was thinking, "wow, that really would have been cool. I wonder who they could have got to pull that off?!" Then, like a light bulb above my head, I thought, "hey, I should just do it myself!"

So here's what I'm going to do! I am going to draw/ink/color ALL 52 NEW DC COMICS' "The New 52". That's right! I am going to pretend I am the cover artist on ALL the 52 newly launching comics. Hence, "52 by 1". 52 covers by ONE artist - ME! I am going to put all 52 titles in a hat, pick them out one by one, and for 52 weeks, post the cover to each book! It's gonna be a HUGE project, but one that I can't STOP thinking about, and one I think I definitely pull off!

I am mainly going to do this to have a cover art portfolio. I am going to prove to myself and to anyone who notices (fans of mine and possible employers), that I can be an amazing cover artist. It's that simple. So I hope you agree that this is a really cool project to do, and to give me all the encouragement to do all 52 titles' covers!

I can't wait to get started, but first I have to write down all the 52 books, and then pick them out of a hat the order I will be doing them in. I will do that tonight, and post the results tomorrow!

Wish me luck!


PS- I am going to need a head start on this though, to make sure I produce one cover a week for 52 weeks. So I'm gonna have to work out the specifics on the deadlines and whatnot at some point before I start. Will most likely thumbnail all 52 covers before I start, then try and get about 5-10 covers in the can before I start posting them, so I have at least a month head start.

Let me know what you all think and some suggestions on how I should best tackle this project I made for myself!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Logo Design

Logo Design - GreenHome Technologies
© GreenHome Technologies
Designed by Corey Breen

This was a logo I designed for an incredible company called GreenHome Technologies. Making your home more green using incredible technology to save you tons of money and conserve energy, making your home more green!

I wanted to thank all my clients at GreenHome Tech for the opportunity to help usher in this VERY important company that everyone should learn more about. GreenHome and I are very happy with how the logo came out, and I wish the company the BEST of luck, and can't wait to see the technology in homes across the globe!


Friday, July 29, 2011

Character Design - Head Shots

Character Design - Head Shots
SaricH © Coery Breen

Here are a couple of head shots done for my main creator owned character, SaricH ©. This character is anamorphic, as I'm sure you've seen many a previous post about him. I liken his story and property to be akin to Zelda.

Next post will be more freelance work I've done recently, specifically a company logo design!

Until Monday,


Freelance Family Portrait

Freelance Work - Family Portrait
By Corey Breen
11 x 17 inches

This was a freelance gig I just completed this past month. The client wanted a family portrait for her parents anniversary. This took about 24 hours total to complete. Never did this many people in one portrait before. My process for this is kinda interesting too. What I do is tell the client to send me high resolution photos of all the people in the portrait. I ask them for photos that they think the people they want look their absolute best. I also ask in advance what kind of portrait they want, so depending on specifics (ie- mostly standing people) I ask for specific types of photos. Then I make a collage of sorts in Photoshop combining heads to bodies and moving things around and messing with the size and shapes of everything. I mash up all the photos until I get a composition I like and I think will work. I also have to make sure we have a solid background that makes sense.

I then print out to size the final approved reference. Then I throw that down under an illustration board, and throw it on a light-box. I then draw the outlines, and finally start into the tones. The tones is what takes a long, long time. I focus mostly on making sure I capture the look and likeness of every person completely. That is the hardest part. Sometimes I just keep trying and trying until finally, I know in my head, YES that is what that person looks like! It's a weird feeling to describe, but when I get it, I just know.

Then finally, I just work on it until I finish, really. I like to only work at MOST 8 hours a day on it. It's always good to take breaks during then too, or put on a movie I know really well, so if I want to just look up for a minute and take a break or rest my hand, I have something I can just watch for a minute. Can't watch something new, because that is a distraction. Also, it's best to sleep on drawing (NOT literally, lol) because when you wake up in the morning, or look at it the next day, you see with more clarity, and can step away from the previous day's work to get a better sense of the drawing and things that are and aren't working.

I LOVE doing portraits for clients. I do people, pets, caricatures, babies. It's a lot of work, but it's a lot of fun too, and comes easy to me. It's also VERY rewarding. To see and hear the reactions of the clients and/or the reactions of the people they give them to as gifts (ie- a portrait of a boyfriend or husband & child) is just so great. The feeling I get knowing that I made a special piece for a family or spouse really makes it ALL worth it. I'm glad I can be a part of that love that person wants to show and give to other people they care enough about to get a portrait done.

It's also MUCH more impressive to size and in person, to be able to see the shading at the right size is really something nice that a shrunk jpg just can not capture.

So thanks to this client, and I hope they all cherish the piece for a long, long time. It was a pleasure.

If you or someone you know would like a portrait done, please email me at



Corey Breen
CjB Productions

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Character Design - Character #14

Character Design
Commander Ezarat © w/ Eclipsor Guardsman © Corey Breen

The leader of Rukrym ©. He is a very tall, intimidating presence. He is a major player in the politics of the allied planets, and the main inter-planetary government. But he is also the Commander of the terrorist organization trying to take it down. He is also a conflicted being, one who had once believed in everything the government was doing, and a huge proponent of peace throughout the galaxy. But something changed. He became jaded and saw the cracks in the system. He formed The Rukrym and allied himself with some of the most vile, deeply rooted terrorists in the galaxy.

Because of his money and power, he quickly grew into huge terrorist network under his control. Although he now has some regrets of it getting so big and now influential, he truly does believe in his new cause, he just sometimes wishes it didn't have to come about like this. He knows eventually he will have to result in major
, major violence and mass death and destruction, but he is hoping to diplomatically gather planets to his cause one by one. When that fails, he has the Rukrym, and his now massive army to make sure things happen his way, to install his new planetary order.

His elite guardsman is his personal security guard, and also the General of his growing army. The guardsman has his elite strike force as well.

But when the government starts realizing how big and how powerful this organization is become and has become, they create the best of the best in the allied armies, a team called Starlanders © to infiltrate, create peace once again in the galaxy, by destroying the Rukrym, and it's mysterious, unknown leader.

Ok! So that's it for now on the characters for Starlanders. Below
is some preliminary designs for some ships that are in the Starlanders universe. I have to do more fully detailed versions and cross-cuts of these now, since these are just some outlines and silhouettes.

Starlanders Ship Designs © Corey Breen

Next up on the Blog, a couple of freelance gigs I recently completed!

Until then, hope you enjoy some of the first parts of my concept art portfolio creation!


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Character Design - Character #13

Character Design
Mistress Bauer © Corey Breen

Evil personified! Mistress Bauer © is one of the most cunning, nasty, evil member of Rukrym © there is. She is fiercely loyal to the cause and to Prince Xerro ©. Or is she? Who is she really lovers with?

For this character I want you to think Mischa from Die Hard with a Vengeance. Just a nasty looking female protagonist, who you do not want to mess with, whether it be in person or in combat. And I want the feel of the character to be one that makes you think, "is it really her that is in charge of the entire organization?" She seems to be one step ahead of everyone, and all her plans always seem to fall into place. Even when things don't seem to go her way, she always has a plan B and always adapts to her environment.

I really like this character design, because I think I was really able to capture a sexy looking yet fierce looking female alien. Not easy to do. Hope you agree.

The next post will be the last of the character designs for Starlanders ©. It will be of the leader of the Rukrym, and his personal guardsman. So one more character design post. Then I have a couple of random silhouette ship designs, and that will wrap up what I have so far as the beginnings of the concept work I am doing for Starlanders. Then I also have a couple things from SaricH © that I did that I can post. After that it's back to work on the portfolio, doing some color studies of all these character designs, and then doing landscapes and level designs, and planet designs. Vehicles, weapons... all that stuff! Can't wait!

I also have the freelance portrait I did to post, which is safe to show now that the drawing has been given as a gift to the client's parents for their anniversary. Can't wait to show that too.

Until tomorrow,


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Character Design - Character #12

Character Design
Prince Xerro © Corey Breen

Continuing our villains, we get higher up the commander chain, as I introduce Prince Xerro © from Starlanders ©. He is a prince of his planet, and one of the key cogs of the interplanetary terrorists know as the Rukrym ©. He is sly, cunning, and ruthless, and has a really nasty attitude about him. He is a whiner, and always wants his way, yet he does answer to the head of the organization. Is he planning to overthrow his own leader to gain control himself? Yes, yes he probably is.

He is very skilled in combat, much like Commodus was in Gladiator! He is a master swordsman, and sniper. He commands his own lethal guardsmen, too. Yet they are a little inept as far as being as highly skilled as Xerro.
Next up is his lover, and confidant, on tomorrow's Blog post!


Monday, July 25, 2011

Character Design - Character #11

Character Design
Glosli © Corey Breen

Every hero needs a rival in a story, and Glosli © is the rival to Daylum © in Starlanders ©. She is a witch-like alien who has strong ties to her opposite, Daylum. They are of the same race, a very powerful, feared race in the galaxy. Daylum defected. Glosli, unlike Prust © is not out to get Daylum per se. She is more into her race, planet and the Rukrym © cause them Prust is. She is a fierce fighter who uses strong "magic" attacks. Starlanders is much a universe where alien tech meats fantasy and sorcery, much like Final Fantasy combines the two so well.

Four more characters to unveil, so tune in the rest of this week to see! Then we'll wrap up part ONE of designing the Starlanders Universe!


Friday, July 22, 2011

A Dance with Jon Snow & Ghost

Jon Snow & Ghost From A Song of Ice & Fire © George R.R. Martin
By Corey Breen
Final Colors in Photoshop

Quickly becoming yet another all time favorite characters of mine, here is Jon Snow with his direwolf, Ghost! Hope everyone is enjoying A Dance with Dragons!

Below is the process I used. This time it worked out doing both characters separately along with a separate background, but I must stop doing that!



Snow Sketch

Ghost Sketch

Finished Pencils on 11 x 17 Letraset Paper

Digital Inks with Cintique

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Character Design - Character #10

Character Design
Prust © Corey Breen

Prust © is one of my favorites. I designed him right after I designed Zephyr ©. Prust is Zephyr's main nemesis, and their rivalry is much like Snake-Eyes' & Storm Shadows'. Prust is like the Boba Fett of the Starlanders © universe. He is no joke, and is only with the Rukrym for his own benefit, and that is to get at Zephyr. He will help the Rukrym's cause to a certain extent, but he really cares more about his motives towards Zephyr then anything else.


NOTE: We will continue with the character designs on Monday, for tomorrow I want to Blog about my last Game of Thrones piece I just finished, Jon Snow & Ghost!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Character Design - Character #9

Character Design
Quint © Corey Breen

And now on to the VILLAINS!

First up is Quint ©. He is a weapons master, and a main enforcer for the villains of Starlanders ©, called the Rukrim ©. He is a Major in the terrorist organization, and usually leads a group of highly skilled elite guardsmen. He is never on the front lines, but uses his strike team to infiltrate and to take command of all his missions.

More villains all the rest of this week, so stay tuned!


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Character Design - Character #8

Character Design
Artemus © Corey Breen

Finally we have our last team member of Starlanders ©, named Artemus ©. He is the field leader of the team, only answering to the man in charge of Starlanders, yet to be unveiled (or designed, for that matter, lol). Much like Cyclops is to Professor X, Artemus is to General Snyder ©. His is very intelligent, very quick, mainly because he and his species have two brains.

Ok, so that is the first batch of designs, the basic first wave strike team, called Starlanders. Next I will be showing you the "bad guys". I currently have about 6 or 7 of them designed to show you. Then we'll wrap it up with some simple ships I am going to design, and I'll talk about what my next steps will be in this whole project, for example, doing landscapes, and environments. So stay tuned!


PS- Also, right now, I am finishing up my last Game of Thrones piece, Jon Snow with Ghost. I am digitally inking it today, and should be done with the colors by Thursday! Can't wait to show it, it's gonna be my best one yet!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Character Design - Character #7

Character Design - Byron © Corey Breen


Here is the REAL bruiser of the team, the BIG heavy hitter of Starlanders ©, Byron ©!

He is a real dangerous threat, but actually the nicer member of the team. He is kind to all living creatures and has a real Zen like vibe to him. He wouldn't hurt a fly... UNLESS that fly threatens ANY other flies or creatures! Then, look out, because you will NOT stand a chance.

He is also a chameleon of sorts where he can practically blend in by changing colors to his environment, which is a huge plus, because how else could you hide his enormous size? His armor is functional too, giving off light, and energy, where he amazingly fast and agile for his size too. A huge threat all around, with an innocent baby face and personality!

OK! ONE last member to team Starlanders to come! And the most important. The leader of the team. You'll find out who that is tomorrow!


Monday, July 11, 2011

Game of Thrones - Tyrion Lannister Pin-Up

Tyrion Lannister © George R.R. Martin
By Corey Breen

In celebration of the release of George R.R. Martin's next novel in the saga of the Song of Ice and Fire, A Dance with Dragons, released TODAY, 7/12, here is my Tyrion Lannister pin-up!
I can't WAIT to go home and start reading the new book, and the next chapter in the saga! I'm so frakin' PSYCHED! I want to enjoy every SECOND of reading the new book, for this series has become my obession and now rivals my love for Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Mass Effect, and Final Fantasy itself! Hard to believe, but it is now that beloved to me!

I hope you like my version of Tyrion before he gets a little more scared up, let's say... for he is one of the BEST characters EVER created in fiction! AND, I can't even explain how much Peter Dinklage does him justice on the HBO show as well! He WILL win the Emmy for the role, and I can't WAIT to see how him play Tyrion in season 2, when he is basically the MAIN character of a Clash of Kings! He is gonna rock the boat (literally)!

Below is the process that I used for this piece, which turned out to be REALLY complex, unfortunitly, lol. I basically just drew the character first before any kind of background was thought of, and that got me in trouble right from the start. That's why it is NOT recommended to do that. To not even at LEAST think of the background you will do while you are drawing is a bad idea. If you do it separately, it will most surely not match the figu re you did separately. In my earlier versions of this piece, you will see how it made it a bitch to figure out how make a background work for the Tyrion figure I drew first.

So I had to redo the background, three times! Finally I nailed it in the finis hed piece, but you can see below what it was going to be, which obviously was a failure. The floating rock idea was just... well, DUMB! But I am so glad I went through the process, for it got me to where I was so happy with the finished piece.

To be able to critique yourself and admitt when you suck, is a BIG part of getting to a really good finished piece. I'm glad I was able to step back from it and fix what needed to be fixed, until I was finally really happy with the piece as a whole!
Hope you agree!

Enjoy the piece and ENJOY reading A Dance with Dragons!


The Process:

Pencil study for likeness

First pencil sketch of Tyrion

First pencil sketch of background

Pencil sketch of background revised

Finished pencil drawing of Tyrion

Pencil drawing combined in Photoshop - figure & background

Photoshop Digital Inks

Photoshop Digital Inks Final

More Starlanders © character designs coming this week, after this

Character Design - Character #6

Character Design - Gunner © Corey Breen

Gunner © is one of the two brute force characters I did for my Starlanders © character designs. He is also the weapons expert for the team. He doesn't do any of the tech involved, but he handles all the equipment and ammo and such. He is the main human character of the team besides Aster ©, yet nothing ever comes close to taking place on Earth (if there even is a Earth in Starlanders). Trying to stay as far away from Earth as we know it, in the future or not. He is just a human, much like Han Solo is human. Humanoid, let's say.

Stayed tuned for more Starlanders character designs and we round out the full team this week, and go into the villains!

Let me know what you think so far of the characters you've seen!


Saturday, July 9, 2011

Character Design - Character #5

Character Design - Garnett © Corey Breen

To close out the week, here is character #5 of Starlanders ©, named Garnett ©. She has almost like a skeletal body and looks very mech, but she is not a robot. She is just a very weird looking synthetic being who is very deadly, yet also very regal and proper. She is royalty amongst her alien race, and is their top enforcer, hence why she qualified for the Starlanders team. She is very protective of her team mates, and teams them as if they were her own children.

A little break for Sunday, no character tomorrow. But more characters ALL next week, so tune in every day starting Monday.

I also finished injing and coloring my Tyrion piece, so I have that to post as well. Was going to post it this weekend, but I think I'll wait a bit so I can put more effort into hyping that one up, and promoting it all the web when I do, considering how much press I've gotten for the other Game of Thrones pieces I have done so far.

Now it's off to continue work on my next Game of Thrones piece, Jon Snow & his Direworlf, Ghost!

See you Monday!


Thursday, July 7, 2011

Character Design - Character #4

Character Design - Varrick © Corey Breen

Day four, character #4! This character is the joker of the team, if you will. Very skilled, very tech savy, he is fast and elusive. He talks really fast, and creates all the real alien gadgets, knowing almost every alien tongue and language in the galaxy.

Tomorrow, character #5 who is the brute force of the strike team, Starlanders ©.


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Character Design - Character #3

Character Design - Daylum © Corey Breen

Here is character #3 that I created. Her name is Daylum ©. I made her out to be elf-like in appearance to give off this aura of magic about her. I LOVE that hair style on female characters. Trying not to over use it, but it just really works for this character. I try to stay away from too much symmetry in the costumes, because I'm trying to be as original as possible with these designs. Hope you like it.

Another character tomorrow!


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Character Design - Character #2

Character Design - Zephyr © Corey Breen

Character Design - Enk © Corey Breen

Day two my character concept art. This character is named Zephyr ©, along with his pet, named Enk ©. Two for one deal today, lol. Zephyr is like the stealth, silent, "ninja" part of the Starlanders © strike team.

Character #3 tomorrow!


Character Design - Character #I

Character Design - Aster © Corey Breen

Here is the first character I'm introducing for Starlanders ©. Her name is Aster ©.

Next character tomorrow, and one to follow every day of this week and next week.


Friday, July 1, 2011

Introducing - Starlanders

Starlanders © Corey Breen
Logo Design By Corey Breen
Illustrator & Photoshop

Starlanders © Corey Breen
Logo Design By Corey Breen
Illustrator & Photoshop

Starlanders © Corey Breen
Logo Design By Corey Breen
Illustrator & Photoshop

Starlanders © Corey Breen
Logo Design By Corey Breen
Illustrator & Photoshop

For the last month or so I've been working on my Concept Art Portfolio. I've been talking about it for a while online now, and I'm finally ready to start sharing what I've been working on. My idea for the portfolio is to basically create a video game as if I was hired to be the concept artist. I set out to create an original world with characters, environments, vehicles, weapons, logos and world maps.

I decided on a basic premise of a combination of Mass Effect mixed with GI Joe. The pitch is basically GI Joe in outer space! A strike team is formed of the best military aliens in the galaxy to quell a rising secret terrorist organization who is looking to usurp the allied planets government (that has been seeing more and more corruption in recent times).

The General of the coalition's armies decides he needs a covert team to take out the growing fraction of government rebels. It is done in secret so as not to tip off the ever increasingly corrupting allied government and the terrorist organization itself. The best military aliens are put together on a team to destroy this new organization as it gains steam throughout the galaxy.

So that's the pitch, and this past month or so, I have been exclusively working on character design first. I have designed about 17 all new, completely original characters for the strike team, code-named, Starlanders, and the terrorist organization, who call themselves the RukRym. I have just done pencils for them right now, and that's hat I'll be sharing first. I mean to ink and digitally color or tone some of them too before I start on doing landscape design next.

So for the next two weeks or so, I will be posting each character design I have done so far.

I hope you like it, and I hope to get your feedback on the characters, and my progress so far, so I can continue to make this a true concept art portfolio that I can really show off! What you are going to see is what I really love to do above and beyond all other things. I LOVE to come up with ideas, plots, characters, designs, fashions, and costumes. I am REALLY proud of how this is all coming together so far. Starting to really fall in love with this idea, and the characters I have created so far.

SO, get ready for a lot of character drawings coming up for the next two weeks or so!

I need a cool tag-line or the concept... I'll try to come up with something. It's gonna be a very political "game"/ concept, much like the politics in Star Wars or Game of Thrones. It'd have a LOT of backstabbing and betraying, where you have no idea what aliens are vying for power or REALLY actually belong to the terrorist organization or not. This game (if it was real and ever made) would be full of not being able to trust anyone, especially the character you would be controlling at any given time, which you would be able to choose or a specific mission.

I want a game where you have an RPG like system, but no one main character. You form your team VERY early on for the most part, but as you go on missions you get to choose what main character you want for that mission. As you play you make decisions and fight in battles that effects people deflecting to the other side, or coming over to your side, or dying, even. That's why I wanted to design a majority of the characters as "shady" looking, where you think they may be a good guy or bad guy, but really, you have no idea. So keep that in mind as I unveil the characters. All are suspect as to their true intentions. Are they working for their own race, are they infiltrating the government by being on the strike team. Or are they legit enforcers who will stop at nothing to stop anyone from exciting anarchy in the galaxy?

I'll explain more as the weeks go on!