Saturday, July 9, 2011

Character Design - Character #5

Character Design - Garnett © Corey Breen

To close out the week, here is character #5 of Starlanders ©, named Garnett ©. She has almost like a skeletal body and looks very mech, but she is not a robot. She is just a very weird looking synthetic being who is very deadly, yet also very regal and proper. She is royalty amongst her alien race, and is their top enforcer, hence why she qualified for the Starlanders team. She is very protective of her team mates, and teams them as if they were her own children.

A little break for Sunday, no character tomorrow. But more characters ALL next week, so tune in every day starting Monday.

I also finished injing and coloring my Tyrion piece, so I have that to post as well. Was going to post it this weekend, but I think I'll wait a bit so I can put more effort into hyping that one up, and promoting it all the web when I do, considering how much press I've gotten for the other Game of Thrones pieces I have done so far.

Now it's off to continue work on my next Game of Thrones piece, Jon Snow & his Direworlf, Ghost!

See you Monday!


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