Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sketch Attack - Aayla Secura - FOR SALE!

Aayla Secura Color Print © Lucasfilm
By Corey Breen
Photoshop Colors

Above is the finished piece done for the new Sketch Blog on Tumblr called "Sketch Attack" that I belong to along with current and past employee's at DC Comics! The original piece below was done in Copic Markers on Comic Board and is available for purchase right here on my Blog to the right through PayPal!

11 x 17 ART FOR SALE - $150

Receive a free COLOR Print of the piece with purchase of the original art!


Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Tumblr Collective!

So all these comic book artists seem to be forming these groups online and starting their own Blogs and Tumblr accounts. Friends and professionals are banding together and joining forces online to do weekly sketches and drawings for their fans, and they have all been fantastic!

For a long time, a lot of my coworkers and I having been doing what these blogs are doing in our office. For years in the bullpen and in lettering we would pick random characters and we each draw our version of that character. Now that al
l these Blogs are popping up doing just that, we decided it was time to jump in the on the fun online too, and post what we have been doing for such a long time.

So my friend and coworker, Pat put together a team of DC artists and letterers, past and present, and started our own Tumblr account. You all know how it works. We will pick a topic every other week, be it a comic book character, book, movie... anything really, and all the artists will draw their interpretation of it and then they will all be posted on the Sketch Attack Tumblr account!

Our "collective" of artists that make up our Sketch Attack Tumblr account are the following artists:

Patrick Brosseau - Senior Letterer
Dezi Sienty - Letterer
Corey Breen - Senior Pre-Press Artist
Steve Wands - Letterer
Carlos Mangual - Letterer
Harvey Richards - Editor
Fredrick Haynes - Designer
Jessica Ellison - Executive Assistant
Sal Cipriano - Managing Letterer
Travis Lanham - Letterer
Michael Sellers - Senior Pre-Press Artist
Marco DiLeonardo - Digital Pre-Press Artist

So come along for the ride, and I hope you Follow us on Tumblr.


I will be reposting the art from that site after it is published right here on MY Blog, and when I do it will be FOR SALE! I will post it to Paypal with the price, and you can purchase the ORIGINAL art!

Once again, follow the site and then check back here to see it and/or BUY it, as we tackle some of the COOLEST characters and themes you can think of!

Suggestions taken for topics too, so feel free to shout out!

The site again is:

Thanks everyone!

Corey Breen

PS- In OTHER news, 52-by-1 will START the WEEK of January 1st and will be ONCE a week for the ENTIRE year, following that. The reason it was pushed back:

Tyler Matthew Breen