Thursday, July 28, 2011

Character Design - Character #14

Character Design
Commander Ezarat © w/ Eclipsor Guardsman © Corey Breen

The leader of Rukrym ©. He is a very tall, intimidating presence. He is a major player in the politics of the allied planets, and the main inter-planetary government. But he is also the Commander of the terrorist organization trying to take it down. He is also a conflicted being, one who had once believed in everything the government was doing, and a huge proponent of peace throughout the galaxy. But something changed. He became jaded and saw the cracks in the system. He formed The Rukrym and allied himself with some of the most vile, deeply rooted terrorists in the galaxy.

Because of his money and power, he quickly grew into huge terrorist network under his control. Although he now has some regrets of it getting so big and now influential, he truly does believe in his new cause, he just sometimes wishes it didn't have to come about like this. He knows eventually he will have to result in major
, major violence and mass death and destruction, but he is hoping to diplomatically gather planets to his cause one by one. When that fails, he has the Rukrym, and his now massive army to make sure things happen his way, to install his new planetary order.

His elite guardsman is his personal security guard, and also the General of his growing army. The guardsman has his elite strike force as well.

But when the government starts realizing how big and how powerful this organization is become and has become, they create the best of the best in the allied armies, a team called Starlanders © to infiltrate, create peace once again in the galaxy, by destroying the Rukrym, and it's mysterious, unknown leader.

Ok! So that's it for now on the characters for Starlanders. Below
is some preliminary designs for some ships that are in the Starlanders universe. I have to do more fully detailed versions and cross-cuts of these now, since these are just some outlines and silhouettes.

Starlanders Ship Designs © Corey Breen

Next up on the Blog, a couple of freelance gigs I recently completed!

Until then, hope you enjoy some of the first parts of my concept art portfolio creation!


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