Monday, July 11, 2011

Character Design - Character #6

Character Design - Gunner © Corey Breen

Gunner © is one of the two brute force characters I did for my Starlanders © character designs. He is also the weapons expert for the team. He doesn't do any of the tech involved, but he handles all the equipment and ammo and such. He is the main human character of the team besides Aster ©, yet nothing ever comes close to taking place on Earth (if there even is a Earth in Starlanders). Trying to stay as far away from Earth as we know it, in the future or not. He is just a human, much like Han Solo is human. Humanoid, let's say.

Stayed tuned for more Starlanders character designs and we round out the full team this week, and go into the villains!

Let me know what you think so far of the characters you've seen!


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