Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Character Design - Character #13

Character Design
Mistress Bauer © Corey Breen

Evil personified! Mistress Bauer © is one of the most cunning, nasty, evil member of Rukrym © there is. She is fiercely loyal to the cause and to Prince Xerro ©. Or is she? Who is she really lovers with?

For this character I want you to think Mischa from Die Hard with a Vengeance. Just a nasty looking female protagonist, who you do not want to mess with, whether it be in person or in combat. And I want the feel of the character to be one that makes you think, "is it really her that is in charge of the entire organization?" She seems to be one step ahead of everyone, and all her plans always seem to fall into place. Even when things don't seem to go her way, she always has a plan B and always adapts to her environment.

I really like this character design, because I think I was really able to capture a sexy looking yet fierce looking female alien. Not easy to do. Hope you agree.

The next post will be the last of the character designs for Starlanders ©. It will be of the leader of the Rukrym, and his personal guardsman. So one more character design post. Then I have a couple of random silhouette ship designs, and that will wrap up what I have so far as the beginnings of the concept work I am doing for Starlanders. Then I also have a couple things from SaricH © that I did that I can post. After that it's back to work on the portfolio, doing some color studies of all these character designs, and then doing landscapes and level designs, and planet designs. Vehicles, weapons... all that stuff! Can't wait!

I also have the freelance portrait I did to post, which is safe to show now that the drawing has been given as a gift to the client's parents for their anniversary. Can't wait to show that too.

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