Monday, July 11, 2011

Game of Thrones - Tyrion Lannister Pin-Up

Tyrion Lannister © George R.R. Martin
By Corey Breen

In celebration of the release of George R.R. Martin's next novel in the saga of the Song of Ice and Fire, A Dance with Dragons, released TODAY, 7/12, here is my Tyrion Lannister pin-up!
I can't WAIT to go home and start reading the new book, and the next chapter in the saga! I'm so frakin' PSYCHED! I want to enjoy every SECOND of reading the new book, for this series has become my obession and now rivals my love for Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Mass Effect, and Final Fantasy itself! Hard to believe, but it is now that beloved to me!

I hope you like my version of Tyrion before he gets a little more scared up, let's say... for he is one of the BEST characters EVER created in fiction! AND, I can't even explain how much Peter Dinklage does him justice on the HBO show as well! He WILL win the Emmy for the role, and I can't WAIT to see how him play Tyrion in season 2, when he is basically the MAIN character of a Clash of Kings! He is gonna rock the boat (literally)!

Below is the process that I used for this piece, which turned out to be REALLY complex, unfortunitly, lol. I basically just drew the character first before any kind of background was thought of, and that got me in trouble right from the start. That's why it is NOT recommended to do that. To not even at LEAST think of the background you will do while you are drawing is a bad idea. If you do it separately, it will most surely not match the figu re you did separately. In my earlier versions of this piece, you will see how it made it a bitch to figure out how make a background work for the Tyrion figure I drew first.

So I had to redo the background, three times! Finally I nailed it in the finis hed piece, but you can see below what it was going to be, which obviously was a failure. The floating rock idea was just... well, DUMB! But I am so glad I went through the process, for it got me to where I was so happy with the finished piece.

To be able to critique yourself and admitt when you suck, is a BIG part of getting to a really good finished piece. I'm glad I was able to step back from it and fix what needed to be fixed, until I was finally really happy with the piece as a whole!
Hope you agree!

Enjoy the piece and ENJOY reading A Dance with Dragons!


The Process:

Pencil study for likeness

First pencil sketch of Tyrion

First pencil sketch of background

Pencil sketch of background revised

Finished pencil drawing of Tyrion

Pencil drawing combined in Photoshop - figure & background

Photoshop Digital Inks

Photoshop Digital Inks Final

More Starlanders © character designs coming this week, after this


Ivan | Segunda Mano said...

Game of thrones is, probably, the best TV serie that I've ever seen.
It's raw and real like none, and reflects the European Middle Age (althought was fantastic, not historic) in all over its dimension.
The characters and the script have an incredible depth.
Perhaps, the sex scenes and explicit violence are too frequent.

Bejerano - Piscinas Prefabricadas said...

The illustrations have made me impressed

Bricoleal Palencia said...

Very good illustrations. The personage of the dwarf for my is one of the relevant mas.

Carmelo | said...

I have liked the illustrations very much. The series is brilliant