Friday, May 28, 2010

The Sands of Time - Old is new again!

Prince of Persia - 2008 PS3 © Ubisoft
Pencils by Corey Breen - 2009

Thought I'd share an old Prince of Persia pin-up I did, while I am drawing a new one, based on the AWESOME movie I just saw today. I actually got to see it at noon today because I was off from work. I was the ONLY person in the theater! I kid you not, it was my OWN private screening! Never has that happened before, even though I always wished for it. Got my wish today, and it was kinda AWESOME! It's like I rented out the theater for myself.

The movie kicked A$$ too, I LOVE movies like that one. Fun, adventurous, action-packed! Great fight scenes, great special effects, gorgeous costumes and people. Loved the music, and the characters, and loved the plot! Could have had more wall running, like the games, but it was there. All in all, I thought this movie rocked! Can't wait to see it again!

Working a new pin-up based on the movie, and I'll post that when it's done, plus I got 2 more Rocketeer drawings to post this weekend, so I hope everyone will check those out, if they a little time off from their Memorial Day weekend!

Happy Holiday everyone! Go see Prince of Persia, cause I WANT a sequel someday, I want this to be a franchise, seriously. This was much like Pirates of the Carribean, just pure movie entertainment. God I hope it does well enough to be able to do that...


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The FINAL Battle of LOST Realized!

LOST © 2010 ABC Studios
By Corey Breen

LOST © 2010 ABC Studios

LOST © 2010 ABC Studios

This fight pretty much made the series for me! And hey, I wasn't too far off from what I thought the final battle would be. RIP Lost, I will miss watching you as much as I miss Battlestar Galactica!


Thursday, May 20, 2010

The FINAL Battle of LOST Imagined!

LOST © 2010 ABC Studios
By Corey Breen

Well, maybe NOT, but it would be cool! I'm so DONE with theories on this show, I'm just gonna enjoy the HELL out of the last 2 1/2 hours and just sit there and pontificate what an INCREDIBLE show it was after the final LOST logo fades to black! Thanks for entertaining me for six years, and even though it's still second in my heart to Battlestar Galactica, I will forever treasure and talk about my love for this show.

Hope everyone enjoys this Sunday as much as I will, and I hope you like my drawing. Goodbye, Brotha!


Friday, May 14, 2010

Thursday, May 13, 2010

No longer all that Lost!

I am dreading this. I have my theories on Lost, and for the most part, have understood the show pretty well. I love the Sci-Fi slash fantasy aspects of the show, and have had a blast trying to figure it all out. We talk about theories all day at work, and yet I never had the urge to write any of it down. It's just been enough to follow the show and discuss it with my friends and coworkers, and just go along for the ride. But after this weeks past episode, of which I have been waiting for for the LONGEST time (since Jacob & the MIB's beach talk), I have been obsessed with figure it out. I've read like a 100 theories on this GREAT site,, and saw the episode twice, the second time with my wife. We discussed what it could all mean afterward, and with her help, I think we figured it out. I said so on Twitter, and now a couple other friends want me to share. I am dreading writing this, because it's so much easier to talk about the show, since I am not a writer, this may be hard to put into words for me. But I'll do my best to try. Here goes.

So, a pregnant woman is floating in the ocean and goes to the beach of Lost after what seems like a boat crash. Now the writers have said, and theories online have placed the time period at about 52 AD. So this Roman woman (52 AD around earliest Roman times, and the name Claudia) gets some water and meets this woman. This woman knows she is coming, so takes her away quickly to give birth. This woman is the protector of the island as of right now, and knows things and as she says, brings things to the island. She most likely knew about this woman and her future CHILD, because the island protector knows of candidates. So she was expecting a child. She got one. The real mother says, "it's coming", and the old woman gives that look like she knows full well who is coming, a candidate for Island Protector job.

So, ok, she gives birth to a boy. This is the candidate Jacob she was anticipating. BUT WAIT, she has another baby coming. UH oh, what? Unmother (as some are calling her on, is surprised. She did not expect this. Now what? But she got them both, and killed the real mother. She begins to raise the children, Jacob and no name (MIB). She finds that Jacob is innocent, and faithful and loyal. MIB is curious and Nobel, yet seeks answers and is not content with their simple life. They find out that one day ONE will be chosen to be protector of the island. Unmother makes it no secret that she really wants MIB to be that protector, hence tells him he is "special".

Ok, now that's all quiet obvious. Now my theory...

The unmother is the island's protector of the "Light & Dark" of well, life/ death/ rebirth/everything in between. The island is pretty much the garden of Eden in the sense that is seems to be the origin of life/ the source/ creation. Just follow me here for a while. Since it is that, since the beginning of time there has been a protector of this. Probably usually a woman, because man has been said to be "destructive". But that doesn't matter. The job has been handed down through the centuries since the beginning of life, which is when the island formed. The protector of the island holds both the light and dark aspects of human nature. She protects both which is in all our souls, basically. She says it's in "all of us". It's been that way forever, she protects the source of life, and does so by holding both good and evil in balance. Now, she choose or some other worldly source choose the child born on the island as the next candidate/ protector. He would be groomed to be the next holder of the balance and the cave of existence. But there is a problem when the twin is born. She was only expecting one. But since she got her now two candidates, even though she is GOOD because she is the protector of the light, she is also capable of evil, hence she MURDERS their real mother.

The MIB see's a ghost of his real mother, which tells him the truth about his real heritage. He flips out and leaves the unmother to be with his people. The unmother has to let him go, because she can't force either one of them to be the protector of the island. They have to do it willingly. She says this to Jacob later on, when he is chosen. But I'll get to that. So MIB leaves. He spends 30 years trying to get off the island, trying to find the SOURCE, the light his unmother showed him, knowing that is the key. He finds it. He tells Jacob who rats him out, and the unmother gets scared he is gonna blow everything. He job is to protect the island. SO now, I think the unmother came up with the perfect plan to pass on her job FINALLY!

Like I said, being a protector has been passed down, as the unmother said. She was chosen, and got the job, and I think it's a HUGE burden, and one of contempt and loneliness looking for the next one. One always thinks eternal life is great, but it's NOT. So she visits MIB and he tells he he found a way to combine water with the light he found (the islands source, origin, heart, whatever), and use a wheel mechanism to leave finally. The mother doesn't kill MIB but she knocks him out hard, and rushes back to Jacob. This is her opening. She indicates Jacob and says he is now the protector. She wanted MIB, but he is too close to the answer and being truly able to leave, so she has to take drastic measures and put the burden on Jacob. She gives him the wine and says he has to take the job willingly and "become like her". He reluctantly excepts the job, and I think he becomes the holder of BOTH the light and the dark. He is the one. He must protect the light, which NO ONE can enter, must like DO NOT EAT THE APPLE, it will cause evil to COME out. Humans can not fathom the light, and therefore WANT it. They "always want more" light, and are always looking for the MEANING of life. The meaning of life should never be found (the cave). ANYWAY, Jacob is now the protector of all life and all souls, an of light/ dark. The MIB failed as a candidate because he was more scientific, more driven by answers then by fate/ destiny.

So MIB awakes to his life's work destroyed and his people killed. He knows it's his unmother that did it. He is PISSED OFF! He just wanted to leave and go HOME! He never asked for any of this. He goes back to destroy the unmothers home. The unmother senses that THIS is the moment she has set up. She knew she needed ONE protector, and that after she chose, she would have to be KILLED! She can not kill herself, and she can NOT be killed by a candidate! MIB is no longer a candidate, he is nothing. Jacob was chosen. She KNEW he would be SO PISSED that she killed his people and ruined his chance to leave that he would kill her. And he DID. He finally showed some of HIS evil side and killed her. Her mission was complete. She was FREE. She thanked MIB for releasing her. She knew that now everything was all set! The island was in safe hands with Jacob, even though he is a pu$$y, and she really wanted MIB because you have to be able to lie cheat steal, kill WHATEVER you must do to protect the source and the island. Jacob wasn't that type of person. He never made rules (oh- the protector of the island can set the rules of the island- more on that later), he only once lashed out...

BUT she didn't expect THIS either!!! Jacob lashed out for killing his mother, and BROUGHT him to the source/ light! NOOOoooooo, you stupid idiot, Jacob! You are supposed to know protect that from EVERYONE, not bring anyone there. But he did, and he gets so angry he KILLS his brother in a fit of rage/ evil, and sends him into the cave/ source/ light. NOOOOoooo. Jacob FAILED! Upon going in the cave, MIB's soul was taken by the darkness. He was the key that releases the EVIL of creation. It was held in balance by the protector, but now it's free. Unmother said, if you go in there, the darkness is freed, and if the darkness is free, it spreads and takes all light. It's mission is to reap all souls. To instill darkness on the world by taking everyone's soul! It must now be stopped. Jacob realizes this when he finds the body of his brother, MIB who was spit out by the cave. The MIB is DEAD. DEAD DEAD DEAD! He leaves the body with his unmother and leaves that home forever!

Now I will fill in the gaps you may have in my theory. Hope this all makes sense, because it's so much easier to talk about then write. K, here I go again on my own.

Much like Locke died for real, MIB is DEAD! His soul was taken by EVIL, releasing pure evil on the world, well, the island at least. Jacob has found a way to make sure that evil is ONLY contained on the island, it can't go out further. Don't know how yet, think it will be answered in finale. But for now, evil is unleashed. Ever heard the expression, "the MONSTERS loose"? YUP. The smoke monster has the ability to Judge a sould and either keep it alive to further try and exploit it to find the LOOPHOLE to get off the island and spread evil, OR it can just take your soul. It usually takes the souls of those who don't have FAITH! Unless it is blocked by water or ash (death). It needed a body to be released, so for some reason it can't go beyond ash. For example, it took Eko, AFTER he stopped believing in faith. It is on a mission to leave the island, and it is using the people that come to the island as workers to do so. It needs help.

Now, after MIB died, Jacob needed help to fight the monster, and contain it again, and also find a successor eventually. He continues the tradition of bringing humans to the island. Throughout time, Eygptians come, and Romans, and then finally, OUR Losties as we know it! The Eygptians build the temple for Jacob and the Statue. Most likeyly they build the Goddess of Fertility, because no one can be born on the island, for no one knows why, but I'll tell you in a bit. They come and go, and then Dharma comes and they start messing with the light after they find it. Although in the first time-line, they contain it, and leave it alone, and hence have to press the numbers in the system to contain the electromagnetic field they opened up. They came the closet to finding the source, but didn't. Jacob seemed to make allies in some, hence the cabin surrounded by ash where he met with Horace on occasion. they are able to contain smokey.

Ok, so now the losties come in. And guess what, there are some more candidates as with all people Jacob has the power to bring. He starts scratching some off. Locke is the best candidate, but he fails too, but get to that in a second. A BABY IS BORN. 1st baby born on island since Jacob and MIB. It's Aaron. I think Aaron is the next protector. Now, according to my theory, Jacob is not the protector anymore really. He BLEW it by releasing smokey. The evil is now on it's own, he failed in keeping the balance of light/ dark. He separated them. BTW, the light is STILL there, there is still souls and life continues from the light. It's still bright, and still has it's properties, it's just now the darkness is separate and free.

Smokey can take the form of the MIB, and anyone DEAD for that matter. Lost has said this as fact. He can take over bodies, ie Locke. Now, since I think the smoke monster was set loose upon mortal going in the tunnel, the unmother, since she was the protector she had the powers of light/ dark. She was the ghost. She manipulated MIB to go against his brother, because she knew evientually, only ONE of them could be chosen as next protector. She knew she had to try and get MIB to be it, so she told him the truth. Her plan worked up UNTIL MIB came too close to leaving. Then she manipulated him again to settle on Jacob to be protector, setting in a plan for him to release her from her burden since Jacob can't kill her, but once she made Jacob protector, MIB could. A hole in this theory is that how did the mother burn down the village and fill in the well? Let me think about that. I don't think it was the smoke monster. He was bottled up. Hmmmm... maybe the unmother is just magical and/ or had the help of Jacob. Not sure, but she did it, and don't think it was the smoke monster, he wasn't free yet. The unmother had the power to be ghosts, and also do other mysterious things, so maybe she had the power to burn down the village. The smoke monster has never used fire, so I don't think he did it.

Now... with her dead, MIB dead, and Jacob the half protecor since he eff'ed up and let the monster loose. Smokey has been trying to find a way OUT, off the island. He FOUND the loophole FINALLY through Ben and Locke. He finally got his chance to have someone be manipulated enough to KILL Jacob by Ben's hands. UH OH! Now the monster doesn't have Jacob to help keep him from trying to leave. The smokey monster took Lockes body and possesed him. Now he is smokey & in a human body. His mission is to get off the island. He must first now kill all the candidates so they can't BECOME the next Jacob, teh next protector. Hurley is one, because he see's dead people (like MIB could when he was a candadate, and Jacob couldn't because unmother didn't want him too, she wanted MIB to be only candidate, but that failed). Jack is one, Aaron is one (he was ONLY child born on island since twins - so I think that is the answer, and the key - he IS THE CHOSEN ONE and will SAVE the island, unlike what the psychic said that he is the anti-Christ), and Kwon is one (not Sun or Jin - they were killed, so that's out the window), but THEIR SON is one! He is the Kwon on the list... Sayid was one, and Sawyer was one (hence they saw Jacob ghost), but Syid died.

SO now, it's all based on faith. Someone has to become new Jacob, and stop the Monster, and put him back in the "Jar" and protect all the souls of the world. The smoke monster is trying to kill off the candidates b/c he doesn't want them to have the possibility to stop them. He knows they can. So the new Jacob will have have power.

So THATS the theory, and I may be wrong about some little things or missing little bits and pieces, but it all makes sense now with this. The button pushing (contain the electromagnetic field Dharma opened), the statue, the history of the island (it was created to be the harvestor of souls throughout the land), and the cave is the soul maker (everyone has a balance of good & evil in them), but now the evil is free and trying to get loose to spread the darkness. Smoke monster makes sense now as the reader of souls and he can "scan" someone to see their soul and decide whether or not he needs them to get free or just kill them.

I may be missing things I know the answer too, so if you have a question, just comment below and I'll answer it. Hope this all made sense, it's so MUCH easier to say in person and it's getting easier and faster to tell my theory now since I know it by heart and in the right order, but writing is not my forte, so I hope you can all get past my English and bad grammar to get through all this.

Thanks for listening,

and MOST of all, ENJOY the last 3.5 hours of the one of the GREATEST shows ever made. All the haters can SUCK it, they just don't get it!


Monday, May 10, 2010


Neytiri from Avatar © 20th Century Fox
By Corey Breen

Monday, May 3, 2010

Wont stop til I get enough...

Neytiri from Avatar © 20th Century Fox
By Corey Breen

In the process of coloring this one, too, but it's gonna take me a little while. Should be up later this week!

Hope you like, I'm really loving drawing her.