Wednesday, August 10, 2011

52 by 1 Announced!

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I've been thinking long and hard about what I want to REALLY focus on with my art these days. Do I focus on Concept Art? Do I focus on trying to be a Cover Artist? Do I focus on finally trying to do some Interior Sequential pages? "What do [I] want to DO with my life?" LOL

Well, I came up with lots of ideas, and finally it really hit me. I really WANT to be a Concept Artist, and I really want to be a Comic Book Cover Artist. I do not really want to do interiors. I know thats not the best thing to say to editors or people in the industry trying to take you seriously as a comic book artist, but it's just the truth. I excel at the big Pin-Up and the Big Money Shot, such as a cover would be. So I decided to continue with my concept art portfolio, that is a MUST. BUT, I also came up with an amazing project to do that I REALLY excited about, that will hopefully prove that I can be a comic book cover artist.

I'm calling it 52 by 1! As you all know, DC Comics, my main employer for the past 11 years, is doing an epic relaunch of their ENTIRE comic book line in September! All DCU comic books are "rebooting" and starting over at #1! There will be 52 #1 issues! Suffice to say, I am REALLY excited about it! All new titles, new costumes, new stories! Thinking about all of it the other day, I pondered how COOL it would be if all the new #1 issue's covers were done by ONE artist. I was like, "man, wouldn't it be cool if one artist tackled all 52 covers for the relaunch?!". Then I was thinking, "wow, that really would have been cool. I wonder who they could have got to pull that off?!" Then, like a light bulb above my head, I thought, "hey, I should just do it myself!"

So here's what I'm going to do! I am going to draw/ink/color ALL 52 NEW DC COMICS' "The New 52". That's right! I am going to pretend I am the cover artist on ALL the 52 newly launching comics. Hence, "52 by 1". 52 covers by ONE artist - ME! I am going to put all 52 titles in a hat, pick them out one by one, and for 52 weeks, post the cover to each book! It's gonna be a HUGE project, but one that I can't STOP thinking about, and one I think I definitely pull off!

I am mainly going to do this to have a cover art portfolio. I am going to prove to myself and to anyone who notices (fans of mine and possible employers), that I can be an amazing cover artist. It's that simple. So I hope you agree that this is a really cool project to do, and to give me all the encouragement to do all 52 titles' covers!

I can't wait to get started, but first I have to write down all the 52 books, and then pick them out of a hat the order I will be doing them in. I will do that tonight, and post the results tomorrow!

Wish me luck!


PS- I am going to need a head start on this though, to make sure I produce one cover a week for 52 weeks. So I'm gonna have to work out the specifics on the deadlines and whatnot at some point before I start. Will most likely thumbnail all 52 covers before I start, then try and get about 5-10 covers in the can before I start posting them, so I have at least a month head start.

Let me know what you all think and some suggestions on how I should best tackle this project I made for myself!

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NunoXEI said...

This sounds like the sort of madness I can ONLY full-heartedly support and drool in anticipation. Good luck!