Monday, July 25, 2011

Character Design - Character #11

Character Design
Glosli © Corey Breen

Every hero needs a rival in a story, and Glosli © is the rival to Daylum © in Starlanders ©. She is a witch-like alien who has strong ties to her opposite, Daylum. They are of the same race, a very powerful, feared race in the galaxy. Daylum defected. Glosli, unlike Prust © is not out to get Daylum per se. She is more into her race, planet and the Rukrym © cause them Prust is. She is a fierce fighter who uses strong "magic" attacks. Starlanders is much a universe where alien tech meats fantasy and sorcery, much like Final Fantasy combines the two so well.

Four more characters to unveil, so tune in the rest of this week to see! Then we'll wrap up part ONE of designing the Starlanders Universe!


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