Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Character Design - Character #12

Character Design
Prince Xerro © Corey Breen

Continuing our villains, we get higher up the commander chain, as I introduce Prince Xerro © from Starlanders ©. He is a prince of his planet, and one of the key cogs of the interplanetary terrorists know as the Rukrym ©. He is sly, cunning, and ruthless, and has a really nasty attitude about him. He is a whiner, and always wants his way, yet he does answer to the head of the organization. Is he planning to overthrow his own leader to gain control himself? Yes, yes he probably is.

He is very skilled in combat, much like Commodus was in Gladiator! He is a master swordsman, and sniper. He commands his own lethal guardsmen, too. Yet they are a little inept as far as being as highly skilled as Xerro.
Next up is his lover, and confidant, on tomorrow's Blog post!


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