Monday, January 30, 2012

"52 by 1" - Week 3 - Green Arrow #1

Green Arrow #1 © DC Comics
"52 by 1" - week 3
By Corey Breen
Pencil, Copics & Photoshop

This should have been LAST weeks cover, Green Arrow #1!

This weeks cover is Batwing #1, and I just need to do the tones and drop the cover logo's treatments in. That will be posted this week; on time!

Then it's Suicide Squad #1 which is almost completely pencilled as well, so that should totally be on time too, early next week.

Unless the NEW YORK FOOTBALL GIANTS WIN THE SUPERBOWL, then I just may have to party for the next 3 weeks straight, lol!


Only thing is, my Copics are getting real dry, REAL FAST! Uh-oh, because I don't have the money to get more...


I'll keep you updated on Twitter, so follow me there!




Tuesday, January 24, 2012

New Sketch Attack Art

Minya vs. Hellboy © Tomoyuki Tanaka & Mike Mignola
By Corey Breen
Pencil, Copic Marker & Photoshop

This weeks assignment was one of the many characters in all of the Godzilla Movies throughout the ages. I choose the spawn of Godzilla, his baby, Minya. It just so happens to be Minya getting violently killed by little Hellboy!

I don't really like drawing monsters...


Enjoy. Don't know next assignment yet for Sketch Attack but will post when I do know.

Sketch Attack Blog can be found HERE:


Monday, January 23, 2012

More DC Universe Presents Art

DC Universe Presents #1 © DC Comics
By Corey Breen

DC Universe Presents #1 © DC Comics
By Corey Breen
Pencil & Copic Markers

DC Universe Presents #1 © DC Comics
By Corey Breen
Pencil Sketch

The Green Arrow cover is NOT ready yet, unfortunately, so I thought I'd make up for being late by posting more art from the DC Universe Presents cover. Here is the original sketch, the Copic Marker wash, and then I added the logo treatment just for fun.

Maybe I'll have time to "color" the wash next too.

The drawing for Green Arrow is done, just need a background, need to ink it and then color it.


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

"52 by 1" - DC Universe Presents #1

DC Universe Presents #1 © DC Comics
"52 by 1"
By Corey Breen
Photohop Colors

DC Universe Presents #1 © DC Comics
"52 by 1"
By Corey Breen
Photohop Inks

DC Universe Presents #1 © DC Comics
"52 by 1"
By Corey Breen

I know, I know, I'm already a little late and it's only week 2. It's gonna happen from time to time, so just cut me some slack on that. I will do the best I can to keep on schedule, and if I'm off I will let you know what week the latest cover is for. I WILL do all of them by December 31st, no matter what, lol! That is my goal!

So here is the second cover, this one is for DC Universe Presents #1!

The magic effect didn't come out as well as I had hoped. I like everything else, but I was trying to go for an ectoplasm look to the rest of his body, like he was exploding out of the chains as well as looking all magic-like. Oh well. Still happy with about 80% of the piece.

On to the NEXT one...



PS- I will do a copic wash on this one too, just because I like doing it and it makes my art look cool. Be on the look out for that!

PPS- NEW Sketch Attack drawing is due next week too, so be on the lookout for that. This week's assignment is GODZILLA!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Batman & Robin Wash Version

Batman & Robin © DC Comics
By Corey Breen

Here is the color file of the Copic Marker wash for this cover. What do you think, do you like it more then the straight up Photoshoped cover? Should I do all the rest of the "52 by 1" covers like this one above, or the one posted yesterday!

Let me know...


Sunday, January 8, 2012

"52 by 1" - Batman & Robin

"52 by 1" #1
Batman & Robin © DC Comics
By Corey Breen
Final Color in Photoshop

"52 by 1" #1
Batman & Robin © DC Comics
By Corey Breen
B/W Wash in Copic Markers

Here is the FIRST cover in the FIRST week of January, Batman & Robin #1! Every week this year I will be posting my version of EACH 52 comic cover! I hope you follow me on this adventure and I hope you like them all. Really, I just hope I am able to do see this whole project through to the end! Honestly, this is gonna be HARD!


So don't KILL me if I'm a day or two late some weeks, but I'll do my BEST!

So one down, 51 to GO!

Next up is DC Universe Presents #1!


The Full List
(if you missed it previously now with Due Dates)


1. Batman & Robin - COMPLETE

2. DCU Presents - Due 1/14

3. Green Arrow - Due 1/21

4. Batwing - Due 1/28


5. Suicide Squad - Due 2/4

6. Hawk & Dove - Due 2/11

7. Animal Man - Due 2/18

8. Grifter - Due 2/25


9. Red Lanterns - Due 3/3

10. Wonder Woman - Due 3/10

11. Red Hood & Outlaws - Due 3/17

12. Superman - Due 3/24

13. Aquaman - Due 3/31


14. Captain Atom - Due 4/7

15. Batman - Due 4/14

16. Supergirl - Due 4/21

17. The Flash - Due 4/28


18. Justice League Dark - Due 5/5

19. Superboy - Due 5/12

20. Batgirl - Due 5/19

21. Deathstroke - Due 5/26


22. Demon Knights - Due 6/2

23. Static Shock - Due 6/9

24. All-Star Western - Due 6/16

25. Batman The Dark Knight - Due 6/23

26. Stormwatch - Due 6/30


27. Blackhawks - Due 7/7

28. OMAC - Due 7/14

29. Legion of Superheroes - Due 7/21

30. Green Lantern - Due 7/28


31. Legion Lost - Due 8/4

32. Voodoo - Due 8/11

33. Detective Comics - Due 8/18

34. Teen Titans - Due 8/25


35. Resurrection Man - Due 9/1

36. I, Vampire - Due 9/8

37. Mister Terrific - Due 9/15

38. Savage Hawkman - Due 9/22

39. Green Lantern Corps - Due 9/29


40. Nightwing - Due 10/6

41. Swamp Thing - Due 10/13

42. Birds of Prey = Due 10/20

43. Justice League International - Due 10/27


44. Catwoman - Due 11/3

45. Men of War - Due 11/10

46. Frankenstein Agent of Shade - Due 11/17

47. Green Lantern New Guardians - Due 11/24


48. Blue Beetle - Due 12/1

49. Batwoman - Due 12/8

50. Fury of Firestorm - Due 12/15

51. Action Comics - Due 12/22

52. Justice League - Due 12/29

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Sketch Attack - Sherlock Holmes - FOR SALE!

Sherlock Holmes © Conan Doyle Estates, LTD
By Corey Breen
Pencil & Copic Markers & Photohop

Over at our second assignment was to do any incarnation of SHerlock Holmes. I chose this weeks topic and I did the Robert Downey Jr./ Jude Law versions, despite still not having seen Game of Shadows yet, unfortunately!

This piece was done in a lot of different ways. I started with a pencil sketch like I always do, then I did some research on London streets and buildings. Then I drew the background on a separate paper. I was going to use the same process I used on my Game of Thrones pieces, and ink it and color it all in Photoshop. After not having liked where that was going, I went back to the now transfered pencils, and tried the Copics. It worked out the best as you can see.

Much like the Star Wars piece, this piece is FOR SALE below. Just hit it up on Pay Pal on the right!

8.5 x 11 (two pieces of) ART FOR SALE - $75

Receive a FREE PRINT of the finished piece with purchase of the original art!