Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Character Design - Character #8

Character Design
Artemus © Corey Breen

Finally we have our last team member of Starlanders ©, named Artemus ©. He is the field leader of the team, only answering to the man in charge of Starlanders, yet to be unveiled (or designed, for that matter, lol). Much like Cyclops is to Professor X, Artemus is to General Snyder ©. His is very intelligent, very quick, mainly because he and his species have two brains.

Ok, so that is the first batch of designs, the basic first wave strike team, called Starlanders. Next I will be showing you the "bad guys". I currently have about 6 or 7 of them designed to show you. Then we'll wrap it up with some simple ships I am going to design, and I'll talk about what my next steps will be in this whole project, for example, doing landscapes, and environments. So stay tuned!


PS- Also, right now, I am finishing up my last Game of Thrones piece, Jon Snow with Ghost. I am digitally inking it today, and should be done with the colors by Thursday! Can't wait to show it, it's gonna be my best one yet!

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