Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Better Late Then Never!

Wolverine vs. Quasimodo
By Corey Breen
© Walt Disney Company

Wow, has it been that long. I am so, so sorry. The end of the summer got really, really hectic for me, what with getting married and all. I thought I would have a lot more to post and talk about, but time really just flew by. I have a list of things I want to draw and have started, but because of personal issues, couldn't get around to any of it until now. I finally have just a little free time to catch up on things.

The first of which is my Marvel vs. Disney Pin-Up. I know this is old news, and I'm probably the last to contribute, but how could I not. I'm sure no one has thought to do anything with The Hunchback of Notre Dame, but since it is one of my favorite Disney flicks, I thought that would be a very original idea to draw, since everyone and they're mother has come up with all the different combination's to this merger.

I myself am very, very excited about the possibilities here, and really hope that they get some crossovers done here, in movies and comics. Some of my ideas, getting some great creators on some books, are the following:

The Hunchback of Notre Dame by Adam Kubert
The Little Mermaid by J. Scott Campbell
Tarzan by Jason Aaron & Humberto Ramos
Treasure Planet by Joe Madureira
Beauty & the Beast by Neil Gaiman Andy Kubert
Alice & Wonderland by Chris Bachalo
Adventures of Robin Hood by Mark Buckingham
Pirates of the Caribbean by Lucio Leoni (who did the Disney Adventures Art)
Toy Story by Mike Kunkle
Aladdin by P. Craig Russell
Mulan by Bart Sears
The Lion King by Neko Henderson
Snow White & 7 Dwarfs by Terry Dodson
Bambi by David Finch
Gargoyles by Ed McGuiness
Gargoyle Nights by Ed Brubaker & Michael Lark
Atlantis by Mike Mignola
Tron by Jonboy Meyers
Finding Nemo by Salvador Lacorcia
The Jungle book by Oliver Vatine
The Great Mouse Detective by Juanjo Guardino
Lilo & Stitch by Sean Galloway
Sleeping Beauty by Dustin Nguyen
Hercules by Oliver Copiel
Pocahontes by Ryan Sook
Black Cauldron by Mike Huddleson
Sword & the Stone by Stewart Immonen
101 Dalmations by Dale Keown
The Rescuers Down Under by Michael Omening
The Fox & The Hound by Frank Quietly
Peter Pan by Karl Kerschl
Fantasia by Alessandro Barbucci
The Adventures of Icabod & Mr. Toad Crane by Gregg Capullo
Pinocchio by Joe Quesada
Lady & the Tramp by Duncan Rouleau
Winnie the Pooh by Pascal Ferry
Cinderella by Travis Charest
The Emperor's New Groove by Skottie Young
Dumbo by Francisco Herrera
Tailspin by Ryan Ottley
Darkwing Duck by Art Adams

Hope you like some of those ideas. Big thanks to Tom & Dezi on some of their suggestions! I think some of these books would be MAD cool! Let me know what you all think, would lOVE to hear some of your ideas.

Other then that, I am trying to finish up a Pin-Up of Zartan that I am drawing right now. Then I hope to FINALLY have the GREEN LANTERN SPREAD to show! It has been FULLY inked by the great Mike Sellers and is currently being colored by one of the BEST colorist in the industry! Just WAIT until you see it!

Until then, I remain,