Thursday, August 11, 2011

52 by 1 Fantasy Draft!

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The order of which I am drawing all 52 covers has been drawn. I picked each title randomly out of a hat, and the order is as follows.

1. Batman & Robin

2. DCU Presents

3. Green Arrow

4. Batwing

5. Suicide Squad

6. Hawk & Dove

7. Animal Man

8. Grifter

9. Red Lanterns

10. Wonder Woman

11. Teen Titans

12. Superman

13. Aquaman

14. Legion of Superheroes

15. Batman

16. Stormwatch

17. The Flash

18. Justice League Dark

19. Superboy

20. Batgirl

21. Deathstroke

22. Demon Knights

23. Static Shock

24. All-Star Western

25. Batman The Dark Knight

26. Supergirl

27. Blackhawks

28. OMAC

29. Captain Atom

30. Green Lantern

31. Legion Lost

32. Voodoo

33. Detective Comics

34. Red Hood & Outlaws

35. Resurrection Man

36. I, Vampire

37. Mister Terrific

38. Savage Hawkman

39. Green Lantern Corps

40. Nightwing

41. Swamp Thing

42. Birds of Prey

43. Justice League International

44. Catwoman

45. Men of War

46. Frankenstein Agent of Shade

47. Green Lantern New Guardians

48. Blue Beetle

49. Batwoman

50. Fury of Firestorm

51. Action Comics

52. Justice League

I will stick to this order as much as humanly possible. And I SWEAR that Justice League came out LAST in the random draw. I did NOT do that on purpose. BUT what a way to end it once I get there, with the MAIN DCU book, JUSTICE LEAGUE! I think that just proves that this was fate and I was meant to do it this way, in this order.

So first up is Batman & Robin #1 cover.

Again, I need I HUGE jump start on this project so I can make sure that everyone following will get ONE cover a week for 52 weeks. So you wont see the first cover until I'm like 5-10 covers deep into the project. I will update you all on Twitter & Facebook on my progress.


52... here I GO!


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