Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Vote Derezzed!

Tron: Legacy © Walt Disney Pictures
By Corey Breen

The winner is... #5! And also #6. Wait... WHAT?! How can two images win? Well, I am changing the rules. I thank everyone for voting, and I will be inking AND coloring image #5 of Quorra. BUT, I am also going to ink and color image #6 of Sam Flynn as well. I decided to take the winner of the contest and the runner up image and combine them into one piece, and ink and color that. I most likely will be throwing in a light cycle and/or some kind of background to the finished piece as well!

I thank you all who voted, and I can't wait to get started on the finished piece. I will keep you updated! Thanks everyone!


PS- I am back on DCU Online. We all got the game at work, and I am playing on the PS3! I tweaked my character just a little bit, but his name is still Zaidin! You can find me on the servers "Birthright" and "The Killing Joke". If you play, befriend me! See you online!

DC Online Beta Character Zaidin
By Corey Breen

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