Monday, January 10, 2011

The Five Days of Quorra!

Quorra from Tron © Walt Disney Pictures
By Corey Breen

So, I told you more Tron pics were coming! I have drawn five (yes, FIVE) pin-up's of the super hot character of Quorra from Tron. I don't know why I drew five of them, but it was a great exercise in trying to hone my skills on the female form if anything. Also, I started to just have a lot of fun drawing the character. Tron was AWESOME!

Each of the pin-ups are all a classic hero-like poses, so I gotta try like a crazy action shot with her after these five.

Starting today, I will release one a day until Friday. On Friday I will put up a poll on the Blog, and you can vote which one you would like me to do as a finished inked and colored piece! It'll be fun!

So today is the first pin-up of Quorra, of the five. I hope you like it. Tune in tomorrow for pin-up number two!


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