Friday, January 14, 2011

The Masssive Tron Vote!

Tron: Legacy © Walt Disney Pictures

By Corey Breen

Here they are! All 6 of my Tron pin-ups. To the right side of my Blog, you will see a poll where you can vote for the drawing you would like me to do as a Full Color finished piece. The number next to the image corresponds to the numbers in the poll.

The poll will end 12am on Wednesday, January 19th.

Can't wait to see which one wins out! They all look kinda cool together, no?



Scott said...

Great Quorra pin-ups! I like #5 the best of the 6. You've got a great style and I'm looking forward to any future TRON drawings you do.

Jason Embury said...

Numbah 1!