Monday, June 1, 2009

To Boldly Go Back to Where I Had Been Before... Comic Book Movie Adaptations

Old Spock © CBS Studios, Inc. 2009
Pencil Rendering
By Corey Breen

Much like video games based on movies, comic book movie adaptations and prequels have been nothing short of terrible. They usually make these adaptations with the original scripts, and the final printed story is actually quiet different then the movie itself. That is the first thing that never seems to translate well from a movie to a comic adaptation. And when doing a prequel comic to a movie, the story is never as exciting or well told, if there is a point to doing it at all. It tries to lead up to the movie it is based on, but it always seems that the comic is just filler, trying to cash in.

I am always tempted to buy these adaptation, especially if I love the movie it's based on, hoping it captures that same feel at least. I did this a lot with the Star Wars movies, and although the art was better then most, it still felt like it was just there to exist, having no merit or value otherwise. I have gotten burned by X-Men movie adapts, as well as ones for Superman, Constantine, Terminator, Spider-Man, Battlestar Galactica, among many others. I have since stopped picking up these adaptations and prequels, and just wind up enjoying the movies, for no comic could ever really live up to them. I have also tried to pick up the art of books of movies I really enjoy, because I seem to get way more out of them these below average comics.

That was until I went to Barnes and Noble this past weekend and picked up Star Trek: Countdown, the prequel to the movie. It was right next to a comic prequel for Terminator: Salvation. Both are published by IDW. I skimmed through the Terminator one, and saw awful art, bad dialogue, and what seemed like a boring, terrible story (same as the movie; LOL). Same old crap on a stick. I put it back, and was glad I don't get suckered into buying it as per my reasons above. But then I flipped through the Star Trek one, and knew immediately that this one was different! I decided to take a chance on it, and buy it.

Star Trek: Countdown TPB
By David Messina

Boy, was I glad I did. The art and coloring jumped right off the page at first glance! The page layouts and wide panels made it feel like a movie all to itself. It was AWESOME! The story was FANTASTIC, and the art was INCREDIBLE! This is how all comics based on movies should be done. It really was that good. It was written off of a story by Roberto Orci & Alex Kurtzman, by Mike Johnson & Tim Jones. The fantastic art was by David Messina who drew it and colored it along with Giovanna Niro (with color assists by Paolo Maddaleni). It also had three letterers.

I HIGHLY recommend this comic book prequel to any and ALL fans of the movie, and comic books in general. Just taking it along as a comic, it was fun, energetic, fast paced, great action, great sci-fi, a totally great plot, and much like the movie; very, very well made. This whole book seemed to be done with a lot of care and detail, and it really shows. It feeds off of all the strengths of the movie, and I must commend everyone involved in the making of this book. IDW may have failed with the Terminator prequel, but this book was stellar. Trust me on this one, and go out and grab this book! Put on some soundtrack music while you read it... heck, play the Star Trek Movie Score like I did, and really get into it! Dorky, I know, but it totally gets you into this great story. I wont say much more about it, content wise, because it is totally worth the suspenseful read!

I just want to finish this all by plugging the artist, who is now on my list of tracking down all his previous works, and I'm going to be buying anything he works on in the future!

This is the wikipedia page on the book, if you really must know the story:

So go out and grab this trade, and let me know if you agree with me. I give this book 4 1/2 stars out of 5. Hope you enjoy my little rendering of Old Spock! Til next post, thanks for reading...


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