Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Some Freelance Work & Other Stuff

Father's Day Caricature for Private Client
11 x 17 Comic Board
Pencil, Illustrator & Manga Markers

By Corey Breen

Religious Tattoo Design for Private Client
Pencil & Photoshop
By Corey Breen

And a SPECIAL TREAT! A drawing by my brother, Christopher Breen years ago, of the Cheshire Cat and the Mad Hatter. My mom found this and I just HAD to share, because I think they are really AWESOME! Nice job, Chris, you totally need to get back to drawing, I really miss your work!

Alice in Wonderland Characters
Pen & Ink on Post-It's
By Christoper Breen

And a very, VERY Happy Father's Day to my Pop! I love you Dad, and would not be who I am today without you. You always taught me to follow my dreams no matter what anyone said, and I know that you are on my side always, hoping I can be the best artist I can be. I hope I am doing that, and I continue to make you proud! You are the world to me, thank you for supporting me!

Lots more art to come soon, so stay tuned! I got a bunch of stuff just waiting to be posted!



janet said...

artistic and talented breen family quite impressive!

robert said...

Ever since you picked up a pencil when you were 3-you were good and just got better and better !! Your art is fantastic and I am so proud of you and your work ! A father could not ask for a better son than you Corey !! Love Ya--Dad