Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Oto Chuba Tah Panwa Ta Chik Youngee, Murishani, An Jedai Coo sa SHAG LEIA!


Princess Leia © 2009 Lucasfilms
By Corey Breen

Over the next three Blog posts, I will be showing the stages of my Slave Leia Pin-Up! The first of which is the finished pencils. I gave a sneak peak of this when I was drawing it, on my Twitpic Site. Now you can see it here for the first time! It will be followed by the inks, and then the tones, and finally, the colors!

I am also holding a small CONTEST! To win an exclusive, FREE sketch by me, all you have to do is correctly guess the translation of the title of this Blog entry... "Oto Chuba Tah Panwa Ta Chik Youngee, Murishani, An Jedai Coo sa SHAG LEIA!" I will randomly draw one winner from the people with the correct translation! So please send in your entries in an email or comment on this Blog! The winner will be selected on Monday, June 8th, 2009, at 1pm!

The winner will receive a small 5-10 minute sketch of any ONE character of their choosing. I will have to get the address of the winner so I can send it out to them. Contest only open to United States residents, and the contest is NOT open to immediate family and coworkers! So, go back to your lettering cave, Mr. Wands! LOL

Good luck, and be sure to stay tuned for Part Two of this series, with the inks to the above piece. I just received my Gray Copic Markers in the mail and will be starting the tones for Part Three! I am also going to try and film myself doing those tones, and post that as well, so everyone can see me in action! No promises on that though, since I'm not even sure I can figure out HOW to do that just yet. But I will try... Then shortly after I hope to throw some cool colors on the piece in Photoshop. I'm hoping everyone follows along this process, which shows how I like to work on a piece from pencils all the way to finished color! Hope you enjoy!

Dobrah Nenoleeya,


PS- Congrats to Geosette (, the winner of the Kuta Art Contest, that was held by Sean Galloway at
! He may even make a Kuta Tribute Book with all the entries, since they were FANTASTIC! Show support for that idea here:

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