Tuesday, June 16, 2009

"And Where, is the Batman...?"

Batman & Robin © DC Comics 2009
By Corey Breen

"...He's at home, washing his tights!"

This is the final pencils for my Batman & Robin Pin-Up! I was gonna wait to show it until I did the inks and put a Chicago skyline in the background, but I am very impatient and wanted to post something since it's been a little while!

I had a lot of fun drawing this one, and I am really happy with how it came out. I originally wanted to draw all the Bat characters together, but I was very happy with these two, that I decided to end it there. I love when I tap into my Joe Quesada/ Todd McFarlane style, so I felt I really nailed what I wanted o draw. They are my two favorite Batman artists of all time besides Neil Adams and Jim Aparo!

I was gonna quit on all the Bat characters, since I was kinda getting sick of them, but after watching The Dark Knight on TV again, and with the release of Batman & Robin #1 in stores, I got the bug again!

In a previous post, I expressed my displeasure with the Battle for the Cowl issues, but everything was made better by Batman #687 and Batman & Robin #1. Judd Winnick and Ed Benes knocked their issue out of the park, and I felt THAT was what Battle for the Cowl should have been. It had characterization, plot, action, and despite uneven colors; GREAT artwork! I love Ed Benes, especially on Batman, and this issue was exactly what I wanted in terms of passing on the mantle to Dick Grayson.

Then Batman & Robin #1 came out, and finally the world got to see what I saw early when I worked on the book getting it ready for print. The issue blew everyone away, and further solidified Grant Morrison & Frank Quietly in the eyes of fans. I know it's only a three issue run for these two together, but they really know how to handle Superman (in All-Star Superman) and now Batman. Great stuff in this book... wait til you read issue #2! The suspense and pacing are perfect! Well done getting Batman on track FINALLY, DC! Big ups to Janelle Siegel and Mike Marts, two great editors to work with! It's really hard to make Batman fresh and interesting, but when it is on, it reminds me why it is my favorite character and book in comics.

Great stuff coming up in the future, starting with Batman & Robin, and the HUGE summer blockbuster, Blackest Night! It's gonna be a great time to be back into DC Comics, you will see, trust me!

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Jason Embury said...

really nice energy in this piece man, can't wait to see it with the background!