Friday, May 1, 2009

iPhone Brushes Application!

Wildcat © DC Comics 2009
By Corey Breen
Color "Finger Painting" done in Brushes Application for iPhone 3G

My coworker called me over to his desk late yesterday, and told me to check out this image he found on the AWESOME Vertigo artist, Cameron Stewart's Blog. It was a Hellboy image that was done ENTIRELY on the iPhone 3G! Since I love my iPhone more then life itself (well, maybe just a little less then my Fiance), I was BLOWN away. I read on the his blog that he used a program called Brushes, which cost about $5.00 in iTunes. I immediately brought the program, because I just had to try and do something as cool as what Cameron had done. With just his finger, he created an AMAZINGLY detailed, yet loose, almost full-fledged Hellboy painting. I was very impressed, and had to see what this app was all about, and see if I can do it.

My attempt is above, in the Wildcat piece. This was all done with my stubby little finger. No where NEAR as good as Cameron's Hellboy finger-painting, but I'll get better. This was my first attempt, and I can see how you can really get better at the program. You just need a TON of patience because it is dificult to do with a finger, as well as control the line and zooming in and out. But with practice, maybe I can do something really cool with it. I think Cameron has MASTERED it though, as you can see from his piece below!

Hellboy © Mike Mignola 2009
By Cameron Stewart
Color "Finger Painting" done in Brushes Application for iPhone 3G

Thanks for the inspiration, Mr. Stewart! Be sure to check out his new Seaguy book, out in stores now! In my links section on this page, you can see his Blog!

I'll be back sooon, have a great weekend everyone! Enjoy!


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