Saturday, May 23, 2009

Jason Todd All Over Again?

Robin © DC Comics 20009
By Corey Breen

So Battle for the Cowl has ended, and the new Batman and Robin have finally been revealed! Turns out it is in fact, Nightwing becoming the new Batman, and Damien (Bruce's son with Talia Al Ghoul), the new Robin. Bruce is still stuck in time in Final Crisis (we all assume), so this is the new direction for the Bat-verse.

I am a little bit excited about this. It could be cool. I am always a big fan of costume changes, and changes in character and direction. The problem is, is that I am a HUGE Bruce Wayne fan, and like him second to only Snake-Eyes. In my mind, no one will ever replace Bruce as Batman. But I am going to give this story a chance. I think this could be very cool. And I trust the editors and creators on the books right now, that I look forward to seeing what happens, and also working on the books as they come in.

One of the things I do like in comic books, is progression. Even more so then that, are legacies. I like when the mantle is passed on, and the their seems to be a "real time" aspect to comics. It was always unexplained that Dick Grayson grew up to become Nightwing, yet Bruce never ages? Made no sense. And some of the best Batman stories are the ones where it's the end of Bruce's career. He gets older; how can he continue (Batman Beyond & The Dark Knight Returns); blah, blah, blah.

It's like the X-Men, Days of Future Past storyline. If that's the future, then when will we finally get to that future? It has to start somewhere. And maybe, if DC can keep this new Dynamic Duo together for more then a year, it will seem like Batman and Robin can move on from all those old stories and ties to the past, and make new ones. But it could also really backfire. I REALLY didn't like how Bruce was "killed" off, honestly. I also really didn't like Battle for the Cowl. It was just bad, art and story wise. But let's see if it gets a lot cooler now that Ed Benes is drawing some issues, and then the Morrison & Quietly issues start. Much like Captain America at Marvel, I'm keeping my hopes up for this one. And if it does fail, so what... they tried, and it'll be worth it, even if you have to just bring Bruce back. I just want some consistency, that's all.

Actually, the best Batman stuff has been within the last year or two. That has been the Detective stories that Paul Dini and Dustin Nguyen have done. THAT is Batman to me. Just awesome stories and art that focus on characterization, lots of action, fast paced, Sherlock-Holmes-ish mystery and detective work. It was very noir-ish, and brilliantly written. If you missed out on ANY of those stories, then pick those up! The GREAT news is, Dini and Nguyen are still going to be working in this new Bat-verse. They are doing a book called Batman: Streets of Gotham, and that is the book I am looking forward to the most behind Batman and Robin.

(Also the Superman/ Batman issues by Allen Burnett, and Dustin Nguyen are TOTALLY worth picking up, too!)

On another note... just saw two bad movies in a row, which is rare for me. Last night I finally got around to watching Benjamin Button on DVD. I thought it was ok, but I got bored half way through it. It was too long (needed an editor, lots of scenes cut), predictible, and really the only good thing about it, was the effects and Cate Blanchett. The soundtrack was great too, but I've had that for months, and it didn't save the movie. Pitt was just ok, and it kinda seemed all pointless. What was the point? We all die alone? Awesome.

The next bad movie I saw was tonight, and that was Terminator Salvation. I need some Salvation from this movie. It wasn't as bad as Wolverine, but it was a failure to me just the same. I will never own this movie, and thats a shame. I love Sci-Fi movies, and I love Apocalyptic movies. So you would think this movie would kick all kinds of a$$, right? Wrong. It was boring, pointless, had no story, and was just lame. There was nothing memorable about this movie. No cool fight scenes, no cool dialogue, no cool time travel conundrums. No good philosophical mumbo-jumbo that I LOVE about the Terminator movies. WHAT WAS THIS MOVIE FOR? Nothing was really redeemable about this movie, and I rather have saw Star Trek again or something. Sorry, but T2 AND T3 were better then this movie. This was neither a popcorn flick like T2 was, nor a philosophical mellow thinker like T3.

I would go on about why I didn't like these two movies, but they aren't even worth it. I will just move on, and look forward to Transformers II, and be glad that Star Trek and Angels and Demons were really good. they can't all be winners.

One last thing before I go... How much does my cat, Sebastion look like the dude from Labrynth, Sir Didymus? Kristy and I finally figured it out tonight. I knew he looked like some Brian Froud like creature, but also thought he looked like that Grey Ewok, or Salacious Crumb, Jabba's pet. But no, it's Sir Sebby Didymus! What do you think?

Hope you like the Robin pic. I think I have a couple more Batman Characters I will still try out (ie- Red Robin); maybe. Got other to show you too, just waiting for the right time, so stay tuned...


My Cat Sebastian Bathazar vs. Sir Didymus from labyrinth

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