Wednesday, April 29, 2009

JLA Cards Coming in SUMMER '09!

Ad in May 2009 Previews for JLA/ Rittenhouse Archives' Card Sets

The event of the SUMMER is HERE!

In July, the JLA/ Rittenhouse Archives' Card Sets drop, and you will finally be able to buy, sell, and trade exclusive hand drawn, original Sketch Cards by dozens of artists, including myself, Corey Breen. Search high and low for my cards, and cards by my coworkers, all of whom are amazing artists! Steve Wands, Dezi Sienty, Michael Sellers, Thomas Valente, Harvey Richards, and Fredrick Haynes all contribute to this amazing set! Be one of the lucky ones to get an ORIGINAL, FULL COLOR CARD!

All of us were lucky enough to do 200-250 sketch cards, along with other professional artists around the world! I hope that in July, you will try and pick up some of the cards, and hopefully, you'll get one drawn by me!

I hope to have more info as the release date gets closer, as I will definitely be posting most of my cards on this blog! That way you can see what they look like, even if you don't collect them and chase them down in stories! I also get to have five cards that I am allowed to sell straight up, so maybe you would be interested in getting one of those from me personally if you can't seem to get one the old fashioned way!

My coworkers and I are very excited about the release of the set, and very proud of the work we put into the cards. We can't wait to show everyone, and closer to the release date, once we get the a-ok, we will do so. Keep a look at right here, and I'll be sure to let everyone know when that is!

Pass the good word, and be ready come JULY!


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