Thursday, May 7, 2009

War of the Witchblade!

Witchblade © 2009 Top Cow Productions
By Corey Breen

Sorry for the delay in posting this. I wanted to do a 10 minute sketch, kind of like a warm up exercise that people like Skottie Young and Eric Cante do. But, much like I always do, it turns out to start becoming too complex, and takes me a hour or two to do instead. I wanted to draw Witchblade for the LONGEST time, and finally got a round to it, so I'm very happy. I have been loving Chris Bachalo's covers for this series for the past couple of years now. He has been doing covers for the series on and off again, and when he does, it ALWAYS blows me away! Some of his best covers ever have come on this series, and I am just in awe of him. The detail, the designs, the composition.. he just makes Witchblade so so freaking cool! The book has been really good story wise too. I'm not really a fan of the interior artist, but every time I read it, the book is definitely worth picking it up! The storyline now, War of the Witchblade, looks very promising, too!

I tried to not do my usual big, figure drawing for this one. I sometimes tend to draw very large and then realize I take up to much of the page. I draw on 8 1/2 x 11 laser paper most of the time, just because I am used to it. It's not the best paper, but I am comfortable on it, and like the way I can manipulate my mechanical pencil on it. It's very VERY smooth, so the lines just glide on the paper. I can create very solid under-drawings and gestures on it. My friends and coworkers ask me all the time, "why do I draw on such paper, and not something heavier like Bristol," and I tell them that I just work best that way. If I want a more finished, higher quality, inked piece, that's when I transfer the pencils to Bristol. But I always start out on the laser paper. Not afraid to make mistakes on it, too, so I am able to be more free. I think I get nervous on Bristol, because I usually use that for more finished pieces, like I said.

So, a little background on my method. I had nothing to show for the last week or so on the blog, because everything I have worked on lately, I am just not ready to show yet, which has been a bummer. I decided that I want to just do a lot more pieces exclusively for the Blog, that way I always have something to show every week for you guys. The Green Lantern spread, I want to show so badly, but I just can't yet. The reason being, I have found a professional inker, AND colorist to finish the spread, and am going to wait until it is all done. I am so EXCITED about this, I can barely contain myself! Wait til you hear who I got to work on the piece over me! You will be BLOWN away. It's gonna be so cool. Both have been in the comics industry for a long time now, and have done some SERIOUS work for so many top notch books! The piece is gonna look so professional done, and I hope, when it's done, to make posters of it, and give a ton away at the next convention and right here through the Blog! Just be patient on this one, hen it is ready, it's gonna be so cool!

Besides that, I can't show you the Wolverine, Project Rooftop drawing yet, because that was submitted to the website, and hopefully I will be chosen to be shown on the site. I like my redesign a lot, and feel it's original enough to maybe even win a top honor. Maybe. I know there are going to be a lot of entries by top notch artists, so we'll have to see. Once that contest deadline is over on May 15th, and they post the winners to the site, I will post all those drawings I did for the designs right here on the Blog, for sure!

Since I didn't have those to show, I wanted to make some art just for you guys, and yesterday, and today I started doing that. Fellow artist, and inspiration, Chris Samnee, gave me some advice, and told me that he picks one day a month and does drawings EXCLUSIVELY for his Blog, and that way he never runs out of new stuff to show. I want to do this. I need to pick a day to just do like at least five new drawings and then I can post at least one a week! This got me so pumped, that I already started! I am working on a series of all new Batman character drawings based on all the changes from Battle for the Cowl! There are so many changes in the book right now, I wanted to start drawing some of them! Right now I am working on the new Batwoman, and the new Batgirl! I hope to do more, including the new Batman, Robin, and Red Robin. I already did the new Azreal! Then I will post each one by one, in the coming weeks.

I hope you stay tuned and check for those, and I will keep everyone update, as usual! I got REALLY inspired last night when I saw through Jim Lee's Twitter page, that he did a free 8 1/2 minute sketch for a random Twitter follower. The winner got a free drawing of Gambit, and Jim did this AMAZING piece in pencil, pen & ink, and white-out in just uner NINE minutes! WOW! Check it out at!

He totally inspired me to do something similar, because I love his technique! He has gotten so AMAZING lately, I have been in awe of him as well! I knew he was the master, but he has been ON FIRE recently. Have no words for that guy, he is an AMAZING artist, and I am luck to even know him, because he is a GREAT guy too!

Well, I wrote enough for today. Be sure to check out the links I gave you above, and the Jim Lee video for his gambit piece. And then stay tuned for a lot more drawings from me. Thank you for visiting my Blog as always, I am appreciative!

Corey Breen

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