Monday, May 11, 2009

"I like this ship! It's exciting!"

Kirk & Spock from Star Trek © CBS Studios, Inc. By Corey Breen Pencil

I was never a Trek fan. I had watched the old shows here and there, for various reasons throughout my life, but just never got into it. It seemed lame and really dorky. Star Trek always seemed to me to be a series that just went on and on and on, and there was no beginning, middle or end to it. There was all these various incarnations to it, and reboots, and different characters, and such, that I just never became a fan. I love science fiction so much, but the reason I never got into Star Trek was mainly because it wasn't a story that I could wrap around that had a beginning, middle and end to like Star Trek or the new Battlestar Galactica. I like things I can get in from the ground floor and be a part of the whole thing, not bits and pieces. Star Trek was just too big for me.

After seeing the latest movie though, I am now officially converted. The movie was AMAZING! It had everything I loved about Sci-Fi, and more. It was accessible, it was action packed, the cast was perfect, the story was awesome, the acting was really good, the SFX were top notch, and I could just go on and on. Like I said above, I have liked Star Trek here and there, but I was always a Star Wars nerd. I have to admit, I really liked Star Trek Nemesis though. That was the first Trek I saw in theaters, and I liked it because it wasn't really a typical Star Trek feature. Trek fans seemed to hate it, and I think that is part of the reason it took to me. It kind of just told a
straight forward sci-fi story. and I got into the villian and the story pretty easily. But after seeing this new movie, I was completely BLOWN away. Starting with this movie, it now is on par with Star Wars and Battlestar.

I now feel like I am on the ground floor of this, and I love that fact. I saw the movie on a digital screen, and I really felt like I was IN outer space. Everything from the sound editing, sound mixing, the clarity and color of the film, and especially the cinematography of the film, was supurb! I loved the pacing of the film, and the dialogue was just a great mix of action, adventure, intrigue, mystery, and revelations, and they treated the material with respect. They didn't go into it thinking it was silly in any way, and much like Battlestar, treated the material with high quality, well written, well directed enthusiam. The first 10 minutes of the film, I was speechless, and it tugged at my heart, and hooked me right away. I knew that I now had yet another favorite sci-fi experience and francise to add to my list of things I love. The time travel stroy was wonderful, and was like Lost-Light! The creators of Lost, did what they did best with that show, and added it to Trek, to make a simple, yet sensible time travel story that quiet frankly, ROCKED! They made it accessible to all audiences (Kristy, my fiance, LOVED it too, and she just bascially puts up with my sci-fi love).

I must give props to everyone who created this movie, and I look forward to seeing it a second, third and forth time, and owning on DVD, the day it comes out. I totally want to do more drawings of it too, I was that inspired! Kudos!

Last thing before I go, I wanted to mention that this past friday, not only was I in awe of the movie, but when I got home, I caught J Scott Campbell, my third favorit artist, behind only Mad! and Bachalo, on his twitter, doing a LIVE, streaming art demostration! I stayed up til about 4am, watching this AMAZING artist tone a drawing of Poison Ivy, take requests, answer questions, talk with other professional artists, and draw, from scratch, Michael Scott from The Office, and Sawyer from Lost! I can't thank him enough for doing this, and I can't believe I got to watch something like that. It was beyond inspiring, and he is one of the nicest, mellow, INCREDIBLE artists I have EVER seen, and to watch him draw so something I will always treasure. I can't wait until he does it again, and he is a MASTER! He even revealed that he will be going back to Danger Girl after he is done with his Spider-Man project!! That just made me giddy!

So enjoy my Star trek drawing, go check out some J Scott Campbell art, go watch the Star Trek movie, and go be inspired by something that you love. I'm telling you, there is nothing like seeing and doing things you love to do, that really makes you happy.

Next up, are those Batgirl drawings I did. Then even more stuff throughout the week.

All my best, and happy Mother's Day mom, I love you!


PS- Next up for movies, Angels & Demons, and then Terminator IV. GOOD I love the summer movie season!


MitchyMitchyMitchy said...

Unless you don't count the original Terminator III (which I liked - mostly because of the bummer ending), this is Terminator IV.

I hated Star Trek Nemesis. The other great Star Trek movies are First Contact, and II.

If you have never seen Star Trek II, go rent it soon. Very similar to this movie in tone and the villain, just in Kahn, the villain has a grudge against Kirk and not Spock.

Corey Breen said...

Yea, I'll fix the Terminator mess-up, thanks. I LOVED T3! I thought it was GREAT! Love Science Fiction Apocalyptic movies! It did a GREAt job of grasping the thoery of having free will, yet what is MEANT to happen, will HAPPEN, even if you change the past, it will just happen different. The future is kind of "set in stone", for it knows and will "correct" itself, even if you go back in time and "change" things. Must like the basis of Lost, and the new Trek movie, and why I love both so much!

I have seen Wrath of Kahn, but it was when I was little, and have NO memory of it, so it's added to my netflix already, and I will watch it soon!