Thursday, April 2, 2009

Please Make a Good GI Joe Movie! PLEASE?!

Snake-Eyes & Timber by Corey Breen
Pencil & Marker

In anticipation and wide-eyed optimism I am still holding out hope that the GI Joe Movie will fulfill all my dreams. My favorite TV show as a child, my favorite toy as a child, my favorite comic book series as a child... is being made into a live-action movie much like transformers was. But Transformers was pretty freakin' cool. GI Joe is my all time favorite property, period. IT BETTER BE FREAKIN' GOOD! Please God, let this GI Joe Movie be good... Please...

It goes without saying that I am really, really nervous and yet very excited for the movie. Some things I have seen look cool. Some things I have seen look beyond awful (cough, cough Cobra Commander, cough). I just hope that the movie treats the franchise with respect. And by respect, I mean, stay true to the essence of the original content. The TV show, although silly, treated it like it was real. The comic book, even more so. All I'm asking is that the movie portrays the characters as they should be... as creator Larry Hama made them.

Obviously, Snake-Eyes is my all time favorite character. Even more so then Batman, and Spider-Man. I'm not kidding. How could you NOT love Snake-Eyes?! He is a mute ninja. He doesn't need words! He needs two swords and a WOLF! (Growing up I wish I could meet a wolf and be friends with him and he would go where ever I went. I had my dog Rusty, but he was far from a wolf.) Snake-Eyes is one of the BEST, if not the coolest characters ever created.

Above and below you will see my Snake-Eyes pin-up. Above is in pencil, and toned-up in my Letraset Tria Marker Set (12 Pantone colour markers - cool gray). Below is the initial pencil drawing. Let me tell you though, Snake-Eyes is NOT easy to draw. I've been working on this piece for about 3-4 days now. Props to Mike Zeck, Andrew Wildman and J. Scott Campbell for drawing kick-a$$ pics of him in the past, that was my influence!

Snake-Eyes & Timber by Corey Breen

Hope you like the piece. Before I go, I had to share some things I came across this week while reading some comics and surfin' some internet. The first comes from the AWESOME Robert Kirkman of Invincible and Walking Dead. This is a page from the Brit comic that he co-wrote, and it's a comic page that I just had to share. It's not everyday you see a superhero grab his baby boy by the legs and smack down a super-villain with him. Panel two of Brit #12 must go down in comic book history as one of the best panels I've ever seen. HILARIOUS! Enjoy!

Brit #12 © Robert Kirkman

Another cool tidbit I want to pass along. Below is an image from the DCU Blog. That's right... DC Comics finally got their OWN Blog! Yes, finally, DC can reveal exclusive content and news through their own site. It's about time, I'll say, and great work by Alex Segura, Ian Sattler, and everyone else involved! I totally have it at the top of my bookmarks now, and I hope everyone puts it on theirs. Some awesome Blackest Night teasers there right now, so check it out!

Last but not least is one on my favorite sites on the internet... the funny folks at the Onion News! They recently ran this story as to why Barack Obama is depressed, and I think they are RIGHT on! Frakkin' A! Enjoy!

I have a ton of family obligations this weekend, so I don't think I'll have much of anything to post by early next week. I could try to post the designs I have done for my statue of SaricH © that I am in the process of making. I am trying to sculpt one of my creator owned characters named SaricH © (actually, the little Leopard Cub from my 1st post, if you scroll down). I tried one attempt, but the clay was too soft, and I tried to do it without a wire frame, and it was just too big and clunky and not what I wanted. So I'm gonna try again with better Sculpty, and more experience. (If I can't do a great sculpture, I'm gonna hire my amazing sculpture friend, Famos Amos!) But, I did do these design drawings (a full 360 turn type deal), so maybe I'll post those on Monday.

We'll see... Til then,


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