Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Some Work For DC - Part III

Supergirl #35 Page 22 by Jamal Igle & Keith Champagne

Going back a couple of months, I thought I'd show you a correction I did on a recent issue of Supergirl. Above is the original page drawn by Jamal Igle and inked by Keith Champagne. Since this was the introduction of the NEW Superwoman, this was a very important page of the book and the Superman Universe in general. The only problem was that Jamal had drawn in another Kryptonian character on the page. The editor wanted that character removed, so that only Superwoman was featured; for this was the big reveal, after all!

So, it was my job to remove the extra flying figure in the lower left hand corner, and finish all the art and buildings that were now missing from the art. Once I took out the figure in Photoshop (erasing and selecting around him), I had to zoom in real close, and carefully redraw the buildings where he used to be. I did it all digitally on my Wacom tablet, just using the pen freehand. The final corrected art that was sent to the colorist is below. Hopefully I did my job well enough where you can't tell that there was ever a figure drawn there originally! Like I said before, my job is to match the style of the freelance artists so that you never know that anything was ever changed, if changes are needed. When there is an art correction, I must make it seem that thats what the original artist had drawn.

Supergirl #35 Page 22 Correction

So how did I do? It should look like that figure originally drawn had never even existed. WHOOSH, it's gone... MAGIC! The redrawn buildings is all that is there now! Bet you never knew that this page originally had a another character on it!

The now corrected art file is sent to the colorist, in this case the amazingly talented Nei Ruffino, to be colored in Photoshop. This completes the final image as seen in every issue of Supergirl #35!

Supergirl #35 Page 22 Final Color by Nei Ruffino

Hope you enjoyed this quick look behind the scenes in the DC Bullpen, and into my daily job as a Senior Pre-Press Artist. What a great way to make a living, huh? I get to work on comic books all day, and sometimes draw and contribute to all our weekly periodicals. I wonder what I'll be working on today? I hope it's more of stuff like this...

Have a great day!

Corey Breen

PS- House of Mystery #12, with some of my art corrections seen here on my Blog, out TODAY! Check it out! GREAT story and AMAZING art!


Jason Embury said...

pretty seamless looking job man, doing that sort of stuff can be hard. and yeah..Nei really nailed this splash page didn't she? :D

Corey Breen said...

Yea, she is really GREAT! And the speed these colorists work at is amazing! They turn around massive pages of art in days if not hours. I'm blown away by their work, and the speed that they are able to achieve!

Thanks for the comment!

MitchyMitchyMitchy said...

Looks great! Your work is much cleaner.
I never knew there was an old SuperWoman, but I'm more of a Marvel nerd.

Is she a nun? Why does she have that hood?

Corey Breen said...

That would be awesome if she were a NUN! LOL No, all will be revealed in the next issue of Supergirl. #40, I think. She wears the hood to hide her identity, and it looks cool. Hoods are the new black or something.

keith champagne said...

I never even realized there was an art correction on that page. That's quite a testament to how seamless a job you did.


Corey Breen said...

WOW! Thanks for the praise Keith! That really, really means a lot to me! So good to hear from you. Keep up the GREAT work yourself!!