Monday, April 6, 2009

Sculpt This!

Designs for SaricH Statue by Corey Breen

So, I've been working on these designs to make a statue of one of my creator-owned characters named SaricH. I got myself some Sculpey from an arts and crafts store, and tried to do it straight up. I was working off the initial colored piece I did, that you can see from my first ever blog post, last month. I tried to do it without any designs, or even a wire frame. Bad idea...

It didn't work out so well. I did some nice things with it, but the Sculpey I used was not the right material I thought it was. This was like kid's Sculpey or something. It was too malleable and soft. I couldn't keep any shapes down, and there was too much volume. I was adding too much clay to the piece, and it wasn't what I remember using in college when I tried to make an action figure. The Sculpey I remember was pink, and was a lot more easier to work with. And without the wire frame, I had nothing to go by, and the figure turned out five sizes too big. When I put him in the oven to dry, he kind of sagged too.

So my first attempt at this failed, as you can see above. Oh well... back to the drawing board, literally.

This time I am determined to do it right. I did the new designs, I went to the art store, and got all the materials I remember. I got wires, tools, the Sculpey I remember. I also got some helpful hints from my buddy, Amos (who is an amazing sculptor... check out his link below)! I'm ready to try to make that image of SaricH that you always see associated with me; a professional, cool-as-hell looking statue. I want something I can bring with me to conventions, and have on my desk, and be proud of.

I have a lot of work to do. I'm not a sculptor by any means, so I'm gonna have to really cross my fingers and see if I can gather up all my artistic strengths and make this a reality. If not, I will pay Amos to make it, and I KNOW that it will be amazing, and exactly what I want.

But I'm gonna give it a go again myself, see what I can do. Wish me luck!

Tune in tomorrow for more art! Turns out I have a LOT to show and tell this week after all!
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