Monday, March 30, 2009

Tribute to my favorite show of all time!

Cylon Pin-Up
Pen & Ink & Marker

Not only did I finish the 50 more JLA/ Rittenhouse Archive Sketch Cards this weekend, I was able to finish the inks and tones on the Cylon piece I promised! Let me tell you, I did a LOT of drawing this weekend! Whew. It feels really good though. I just put on Abott & Costello Meet Frankenstein (thank you Mike Carlin), and JLU Season 2 DVD's, and worked my butt off.

Since I've been on Twitter, and have a lot of comic book artists I'm following, you can tell from their updates, that they work their butts off, and have a crazy work ethic. It feels good to match some of these artists, and I've been using them as motivation to keep at it. I definitly want to keep going at this pace. Now that the Cards are finally all done, and no new freelance on the horizon for now, I want to make sure I continue to work hard and keep drawing every day.

This blog has been great in that sense, to keep me drawing even if it's not for pay, and have things to post every day or every other day. I hope everyone who checks out the blog can see how much I've been working, and I will do my best to keep up that dedication!

So I hope you enjoy the Battlestar Pin-Up, and I just wanted to say that I LOVED the ending of the show, and can't WAIT until the spin-offs and movies add to the series. It is by far my favorite show of all time, and boo to all the naysayers who didn't like the ending. I say to them... "You LOSE... GOOD day, sir!"


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