Thursday, April 9, 2009

Now Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Program...

Snake-Eyes by Corey Breen

When I started to draw Snake-Eyes last week, I did some gesture drawing to try and get a position down that I wanted to draw him in. In the previous blog post, the drawing of Snake-Eyes was my second attempt. Above is the first attempt. I started drawing this one first, and then abandoned it, because it just wasn't really working for me at the time. It was just too straight forward. So I started a second drawing, and that is the one I finished.

But before I filed this first drawing away in the 'never-used-drawings' folder I have; I decided to keep working on it. I fixed the head and totally reworked the body. The thing I loved most about this drawing was his left arm and the sword. So I kept that and just started to shade the hell out of the piece. I really just put him completely in shadow.

Then I just added a generic design-y background, added some foliage (if you know my drawings at all, you'll know I LOVE drawing foliage!). Then I threw in Timber down at the bottom, and BLAM, I had my second Snake-Eyes piece in the span of a week! Even though it was the first drawing of him- Oh, you get the point!

I hope you like it, though! Now I will go and continue to pray to the Lost monster that the movie will not suck, despite what EVERY one of my friends is saying. I have an ex-coworker working on the style guide for the movie and he claims there is no hope. BUT, I'm not gonna listen to him. LA LA LA LA, not listening. I am gonna run to see the movie, and even if it sucks, if they do Snake-Eyes justice, I will be happy!

I will leave you with that, and with this AWESOME image I found on the web recently. I don't really know what it is from, and I am kinda sick of Zombie super-heroes (although Blackest Night is ok; cause Geoff Johns is the master), but this pin-up is so COOL! I love the art, the movement, the expression... EVERYTHING about this image is SWEET! Great job by the artist. It reminds me of the amazing Stelfreeze cover of the Flash issue #244 with the bees!

Zombie Flash by Cinar

That's it for me this week. And here I thought that i wouldn't have anything to post this week! Silly me. I am off tomorrow, so I'm gonna enjoy that, and I'll be back soon. I actually have more cards to do. No, not really. We just get 5 extra cards for the JLA Series, that we get to keep on our own. We can do 5 cards, and either keep them, sell them or whatever we want with them. After doing 250 of them, I think it's kinda cool they let us do that, and at least have 5 to actually keep for ourselves.

After that, I am trying to draw a huge Green Lantern Cover, that I will have my coworker and ex-inker extraordinaire, Mike Sellers to ink over my pencils! Much like how I work with Steve Wands, I want Mike to use his amazing inking talents to see what he can do with one of my pieces. He requested either Invincible or Green Lantern, and since I just drew Invincible, I thought I'd do a kick a$$ Green Lantern for him to ink. It's actually coming out really cool so far. And unlike the He-Man piece I never got around to finishing, this shall be done!

Happy Easter and Passover everyone,
Peace out!


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