Thursday, June 7, 2012

Harley Quinn Pin-Up

Harley Quinn © DC Entertainment
By Corey Breen

Leading up to doing that recent Harley Quinn Commission, I did a warm-up sketch/ drawing so-to-speak, and this is that piece, above.

From someone who actually does like Harley Quinn's new costume to a certain extent, and her portrayal in the Batman Arkham games,  I must admitt I do REALLY miss this outfit!

Another reason why I just wish the comic industry got over their "costume" issues and just had characters change clothes.  Why CAN'T Spider-Man wear his Iron Armor when he NEEDS to?!  LOL

I get that there's a need to be as consistent as possible across multiple licensees and properties, but hey, it works for STAR WARS, it can work for comic book characters!

Holla if you agree/ disagree, Puddin'!


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