Friday, March 2, 2012

More GI Joe, Now with MORE Ninjas!

GI Joe (Snake Eyes, Kamakura, Jinx & Storm Shadow) © Hasbro
By Corey Breen

GI Joe © Hasbro
Digital Inks by Corey Breen

GI Joe © Hasbro
Tones with Letraset Markers by Corey Breen

GI Joe © Hasbro
Pencils by Corey Breen


Did I NOT mention that GI Joe was my favorite thing of all time?! When the Sketch Attack assignment came down this past month, I just couldn't HELP myself and I did 11 sketches and 3 final drawings! I love GI Joe THAT much.

Hope you liked the three pieces of the greatest ninjas EVER!

And if you never have, go out and watch GI Joe Resolute cartoon. It is the BEST GI Joe ever made. Also, I really really love GI Joe vs. Transformers, the Jae Lee comic. That was brilliant. And I love the new series, Cobra. The death of Cobra Commander was really really GOOD! And going back a ways, I hold near and dear to my heart, the entire Marvel Comics run, so all those collections, I think it's up to volume 15 or 16 right now. Gotta go buy the newest ones I haven't gotten yet myself!

Ok... in other news, no, I have NOT forgotten about all my "52 by 1" covers that are due. I am actually busting my A$ and drawing 10 of them all at the same TIME so I can catch up completely here. I AM changing around the order though. Should be something like this, but don't hold me to it:

Animal Man
Wonder Woman
Captain Atom
Red Hood & Outlaws
Red Lanterns

Animal, Wonder Woman and Grifter are pretty much 90% complete and will easily be post next week, and Superman, Super Girl and Captain Atom are about 60% done, and should be week after that.

Can't wait to show you all that, and a couple of other cool surprises next week as well.

Next Sketch Attack assignment is in, and it's LOBO! So gotta get on that too.

See ya SOON!


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