Saturday, March 10, 2012

"52 by 1" - Week 8 - Wonder Woman

Woman Woman © DC Comics
By Corey Breen

As promised, catching up on the "52 by 1" covers here! Woman Woman #1!

When I started this project of trying to draw all 52 amazing DC Comics' The New 52 on my own, I was looking forward to doing Wonder Woman a lot. Much controversy over her pants/ no pants, I wanted to try my hand at her new digs! I was very glad that Wonder Woman got picked out of the hat early on. When I started sketching the first ten covers out, this one was one of the first I did. I was VERY excited to get to finishing this one. But by the time I finished sketching it, she went from pants back to no pants. I like the pants. I was excited about the pants. So I drew her with the pants. LOL Hope she goes back to that look.

Very proud of this piece. I love her stance and her posture, showing that she is a warrior/ amazon, yet she is very slick, sleek and sexy too. I feel I really nailed the kinda piece I wanted to do for this cover; very regal and strong character pin-up. I was VERY influenced by the Josh Middleton cover for issue #614 of the last Wonder Woman series. He is AMAZING by the way!

One last comment about this one. The background to this piece is actually a real place, not from my head. It is located in Kauai. The reference photo I took high above the mountains & rain forrest of the Grand Canyon of Kauai overlooking the ocean on my honeymoon a couple of years ago. Amazing view! I'll post the real pic in the next art drop when I post all of February's covers sans logos and trade addresses.

Grifter tomorrow! Another piece I'm so psyched to finally show everyone!

Talk to you tomorrow!


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