Tuesday, February 21, 2012

"52 by 1" - Week 6 - Suicide Squad #1

Suicide Squad © DC Comics
"52 by 1"
By Corey Breen
Pencil & Letraset Marker


[This one was a B#TCH!]


This series has gotten a LOT of flack, mostly about Harley Quinn's costume change. I admit, it's not the Harley we all knew and loved, but I'm not so against this outfit. It was fun to draw, and it really adds to this INSANE look I feel Harley should have. She is supposed to be as wild, if not MORE wild then the Joker, and for that to happen, she should look like a freakin' psycho, which this outfit makes her look.

Agree or disagree, I like my composition on this one, and I'm very happy with the outcome of it. I tried to fit it all on one cover, but realized, why CAN'T I do a GATEFOLD cover for some of these if it calls for it.

Remember, I make the rules to this game!


Hope you like it.

Animal Man & Grifter next to round out February "52 by 1"!


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David H. said...

i like your style dude. i'll post this here if you don't mind: http://www.suicidesquadtaskforcex.blogspot.com/