Thursday, June 3, 2010

Prince of Persia Movie RULES!

Prince of Persia - 2010 © Ubisoft
By Corey Breen

Please, please, please do yourself a favor and RUN to go see the Prince of Persia movie! If you like fun filled, action packed, old school adventure movies, then you gotta support this movie. I know it did just ok, but it should be doing BETTER! I want it to do at least good enough to make a sequel, because it really deserves it. Much like the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, much like the Mummy movies in a lesser extent, and a lot like the Indiana Jones movies, this movie is really deserving of more attention and praise. People need to STOP being so critical of things to the point where they actually miss out on the really good ones.

With a beautiful soundtrack, really good cinematography, good acting, wonderful thrills and action sequences, great pace, heartfelt, funny movie, I enjoyed every SECOND of this movie. Beautiful women abound, great sets and a really engaging plot that kept me wanting it to not end. It's all about the great aspects of why time travel can be such a cool topic when done right, and not muddled by huge gaping holes and conundrums. Not overly complex, the story was what I want to see more movies be. Not every movie has to be the Dark Knight, or as deep and meaningful a film. Sometimes I just want my action/ adventure movies to be FUN! I want to sit back, enjoy the movies, and where it takes me to another time, place, etc. I was definitely whisked away with this movie, and much like where I thought Pirates and Avatar succeeded, it was all about making a exciting adventure film of old.

So do yourself a favor and support this movie and movies like it. I personally LOVE movies like this one, and Pirates, and the yes, the Mummy movies, and Indiana Jones! And even the recent Losers movie! We need these kinda movies; I NEED these kinda movies. The fact that it was panned, was complete BullSH!T, and I think completely ignorant. If you are like me, I think you will really like this flick, and even if there NEVER is a sequel, I at least have this film to watch OVER and OVER again, so I am happy.

Good work to everyone who made this film, I LOVED it! Hope people finally come around to my side. I think it kicked Iron Man 2's A$$ by the way, but it's stupid to even compare. Go out and see it for yourself, and let me know what YOU think!

I hope you at least dig my drawing of Dastan!

Until next time,

Corey Breen

PS- Lots of Rocketeer drawings are coming up next couple of posts!

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