Thursday, June 17, 2010

Rocketeer Reboot!?

The Rocketeer © Dave Stevens
By Corey Breen

Here is my final drawing of the Rocketeer series I did. I like this one a lot actually. I think because it is framed nicely on the page, and really has a nice sort of illustrated quality to it. Drawing this one, really gave me a brilliant idea too. It made we think how COOL it would be to do a reboot of the character. I wouldn't mind someone doing a new series taking place as it did in the noir/ war story that it was in the 4o's, just to get new comics starting this amazing character, but I'm talking about a NEW series completely, placing the character in MODERN DAY! I really think this seems like a good idea.

Just imagine a Rocketeer book where it takes place in modern day, and if it was written by someone like James Robinson! James wrote my all time favorite comic book series in Starman, so just imagine him writing a Rocketeer book. Much like Starman it would set up a new character in the role, and be a series filled with the same story telling ability James is a master of. He can be the latest in a long line of Rocketeers harking back to the war, and like the Lightning Staff Jack Knight was given, the Rocket Pack could be handed down. Or a new character takes up the mantle after the pack was found, or handed down to him from his grandfather or something. Maybe it's like Batman Beyond where this character stumbles upon it and takes up the reigns and learns the history of it as the story progresses and the character gets caught up in a string of lies and deceit, restarting the struggle of villains getting their hands on the technology! It probably would work best with like a fictional Nazi-like regime, or GI Joe's Cobra, ie a fraction of say, China or North Korea. God, I should just write this myself... lol! Hmmmmmmm...

James is PERFECT for this book. In Starman, James was AMAZING at crafting a long, fleshed out tale. He was the master at foreshadowing. What he wrote in issue six reverberated in issue 55! He was able to give us clues and hints as he went along, and NOTHING was throw away. He made everything MATTER. He said, for example that Jack would go into space. We thought whatever at the time, but when he finally had to go into space, like 50 issues later, it was brilliant. And it wasn't like, "oh, I said Jack has to go to outer space, so let's have him go." No, it was more because the story's next step was outer space, the story dictated the move, and it was not FORCED at all. The way he tied it together was so awesome! Also, the way he was able to take 3-4 different era's and make them all mater and tie into each other, created this "false" history for the character who was really a throw away character before the series. He made us CARE about Ted Knight, and other characters who were Starmen. And don't get me started on the AMAZING character of the Shade! The way the Shade played into the weaving of the story, was nothing shirt of genius!

But wouldn't it be so great to see and read a series in the vain of the masterful Starman, where James was able to tie in history and legacies, and mystery around a new character, but an old legacy? James was also a master at time and setting, and I can see it now; the Rocketeer within a wondrous city (real or imaginary) like Opal City. The possibilities are endless if he could capture even an ounce of that magic again!

James is the BEST writer when it comes to tying multiple stories together throughout the length of a series and he would do wonders with this book! I think in making the Rocketeer a legendary character once again by building an EPIC story such as Starman, that has a beginning, middle and end, James Robinson would be the perfect fit here. And drawn by ME, of coarse! LOL

If you haven't read Starman, go out and buy the Hard Covers in stores now, and read them immediately! Trust me when I say that is one of, if not the GREATEST comic series of all time! And then come back and imagine what WONDERS he could do with a character like the Rocketeer if he did it in that vain.

Hope you like this pin-up!

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