Friday, May 28, 2010

The Sands of Time - Old is new again!

Prince of Persia - 2008 PS3 © Ubisoft
Pencils by Corey Breen - 2009

Thought I'd share an old Prince of Persia pin-up I did, while I am drawing a new one, based on the AWESOME movie I just saw today. I actually got to see it at noon today because I was off from work. I was the ONLY person in the theater! I kid you not, it was my OWN private screening! Never has that happened before, even though I always wished for it. Got my wish today, and it was kinda AWESOME! It's like I rented out the theater for myself.

The movie kicked A$$ too, I LOVE movies like that one. Fun, adventurous, action-packed! Great fight scenes, great special effects, gorgeous costumes and people. Loved the music, and the characters, and loved the plot! Could have had more wall running, like the games, but it was there. All in all, I thought this movie rocked! Can't wait to see it again!

Working a new pin-up based on the movie, and I'll post that when it's done, plus I got 2 more Rocketeer drawings to post this weekend, so I hope everyone will check those out, if they a little time off from their Memorial Day weekend!

Happy Holiday everyone! Go see Prince of Persia, cause I WANT a sequel someday, I want this to be a franchise, seriously. This was much like Pirates of the Carribean, just pure movie entertainment. God I hope it does well enough to be able to do that...


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