Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The ALL NEW Wonder Woman!

Wonder Woman © William Moulton Marston
By Corey Breen

Wonder Woman © William Moulton Marston
Art by Jim Lee

Now that it's FINALLY been made public, I can share with you my take on the ALL NEW Wonder Woman costume designed by Jim Lee! I actually had this all ready to be posted last week, but realized Wonder Woman #600 doesn't come out until tomorrow, so I had to wait.

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I'm a complete sucker for new costumes or characters hidden behind masks, and there's a mystery as to who it is. I love when a character gets an "All New, All Different" direction. I think it comes from my love of character design and costume/ character creation. I love art of books that have tons of drawings of different costumes and looks. So I get REALLY excited when an establish character gets a make over. I know a lot of the times it is pure gimmick to get more readers or just doing it to "do it" when no real story element is involved. When it's done right, it is so much better, but even still, I always fall for the revamped looks. I loved it when Snake-Eyes changed from his commando outfit to his visor look. I loved it when Tim Drake took over as Robin, and wore pants. I LOVED it when Spoiler took over as Robin as a girl. I love it when Spider-Man changes his costume, despite all the TERRIBLE designs he's gone through. There have been so many throughout the years, and even if the costume is horrible, I always wind up at least liking the idea behind it, if only because I feel superheroes should always have different outfits to wear.

Much like Star Wars, why can't superheroes change outfits occasionally? Much like Luke had his Hoth gear, and X-Wing flight suit, and his black Jedi wear. I loved that there was slave Leia, and Leia as Bousch. I'm even a fan of when Batman has to use a different outfit to say, so deep sea diving, lol. Most of Batman's outfits like that were for terrible different toys to sell as many as they could, but some of them just made sense. If Batman needs to jump out of a plane, much like Jim Lee had him do in Hush, he wears the appropriate suit. I don't know WHY superheroes feel that they need to wear ONE and only one outfit for a long, LONG time. If Spider-Man wants to go out in his black suit, why must it be such a BIG deal in comics. Why does it always have to be an EVENT?! If Superman wants to wear his black suit (which I LOVED), he should. Same with Wonder Woman. She has her warrior armor, and her classic spandex. If she is going to war, she should wear the appropriate outfit. Makes sense doesn't it?

My point is, I LOVE new costumes, and here is the DEBUT of Wonder Woman's NEW costume. I like mostly everything about it, except for maybe the jacket, but it could grow on me. I love her corset, and I like her pants, but the jacket may just be too old school for me. I drew it because even though with new costumes there are aspects that I may not like, I have to try my hand at it anyway to see if I can make it cool. I like my version a lot, and therefore, I think Jim Lee created a really cool ALTERNATE costume that can work really well for the character.

My point is though, that's what it should be; an alternate outfit. For example, if she wants to wear her warrior outfit for a story, she should just do it. If she wants to wear her classic outfit, then she should. When she wants to be more casual, she should wear this outfit. To be honest, I think it makes her TOO covered up actually. She is supposed be a goddess, and super sexy. She is too covered up right now. In an age with Lady Gaga and Miley Cirus, she is WAY out of fashion. I get that she shouldn't be wearing Granny Panties anymore, and I like how the pants solves that issue, but she should not have a jacket covering up her shoulders, which is what REALLY makes a woman a sexy, strong, powerful woman. The jacket makes her look a little too masculine. We'll see though. It looks awesome drawn by Jim, but can other artists match it?

I can't wait until fans see the new costume, and see what they think. Should be interesting. And I can't WAIT until the NEXT character to be "All New, All Different; the New ________!"

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