Wednesday, March 24, 2010

You LOSE! Good DAY, Sir!

Psi-Com Soldier from Final Fantasy XIII © Square-Enix 2010
By Corey Breen
Pencil & Photoshop

So I'm about 30 hours into what is one of the best looking, most fun RPG to play ever made, Final Fantasy XIII, and it's about 12:30am. I am at this HUGE part of the game where you face the real villain of the story for the first time. The villain turns into this huge monster, and I begin to take him down, piece by piece. With this game, the point is to keep switching roles until you find out what will take each enemy down, including spells and magic and physical damage. So I'm closing in on his health bar, about to win after about a 20 minute battle, when all of the sudden, in what literally was going to be the finishing BLOW, the power goes on my entire block because of the rain storm. It was the scariest, most intense moment of video game playing I've ever experienced. Because I was so ready to deliver the finishing hit, and the villain was throwing everything he had at me in a final stand, it seemed like he reached out into the real world and shut me and my apartment down. I thought he beat me in real life.

When my heart finally calmed down, I realized the power went out, and that I would have to face this villain another day. Suffice to say, I could not sleep a wink, and the whole thing really was quiet an experience. Fun stuff though. I will always remember that moment.

Anyway, here is another pin-up of a character from the game. These Storm-Trooper-like military characters are so cool looking, and have AMAZING designs. This one in particular, with their pointed helmets, I just couldn't resist not drawing. That, and I want to try and draw way more characters that have more complicated costumes and accessories. Super-Hero costumes are mostly just spandex, and form fitting, and pretty simplistic. I want to draw more complex uniforms and attachments. Not only that, but I also need to practice more tech driven costume design as well.

One of the reasons I LOVE Final Fantasy so much is their mix of Sci-Fi and Fantasy elements seamlessly. It is such an inspiration to do what I really LOVE to do, and that is character/ concept design. I really want to work on creating characters such as Lightning, Squall, Cloud, and Zidane, and all the sub-characters that exist in the series. I got a lot of work do to try to match my favorite game series, and I look forward to trying.

I hope you like the pin-up, and I HIGHLY suggest buying and playing Final Fantasy XIII. It's like a movie/ video game/ comic book/ role playing game. It is simply the best franchise in the entire world, especially in the look of the world they bring you too. Absolute EYE-CANDY!

Now back to my PS3!


Psi-Com Soldier from Final Fantasy XIII Reference © Square-Enix 2010

The Power Surge - Final Fantasy XIII © 2010 Square-Enix

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