Friday, March 5, 2010

Celebrating 200 followers on Twitter!

Supergirl © DC Comics
By Corey Breen
Photoshop over Pen & Ink & Markers

Supergirl © DC Comics
For Calvin - This is the One He is Getting
By Corey Breen
Pen & Ink & Chartpak Tri-Nib Point Manga Markers

Supergirl © DC Comics
By Corey Breen
Pen & Ink

Supergirl © DC Comics
By Corey Breen
Pencil Sketch

Congratulations to Calvin Innes, who was my 200th follower on Twitter this past week. As a special thank you to him and all my followers, he won a special sketch of a character of his choosing. He choose either Batman or Supergirl. I decided to do Supergirl for him after seeing Project Rooftop's special Cory Walker Supergirl redesigns. Cory did such an AMAZING job coming up with numerous new costumes for the character, and they are all great! I choose to do the one I thought was just absolutely stellar, so thank you Cory for the inspiration! Awesome stuff.

Be sure to follow Calvin, @CalvinInnes

I hope Calvin likes the piece, and it arrives to him in the mail safely and in one piece (it has to go across the pond)! I am forever grateful to all my fans old (my mom) and new (such as Calvin), and wanted to thank everyone for the time and their fondness of my art. I will always continue to try and impress you all, and get better day by day. I hope I am able to at least make you say, "oh cool, Corey did a new piece, nice!"

Thank you all!

Corey Breen
CjB Productions

Cory Walker's Supergirl Collection on Project Rooftop:


Swands said...

"oh cool, Corey did a new piece, nice!" Happy now? Good shit Cory! I'll try to ink that space dude over the weekend.

Corey Breen said...

Word up, Steve-o! Thanks!