Friday, March 12, 2010

"You think you die and everything will be sugar and rainbows?"

Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII © Square-Enix 2010
By Corey Breen
Pencil & Photoshop

So, Final Fantasy XIII is OUT for the PS3, and I couldn't be happier. Yeah, I still haven't finished Final Fantasy XII fully yet (40 hours in, about 40 hours to go in that game), but that's no reason to not start this game. The Final Fantasy series of games have nothing to do with each other, and XII & XIII are in fact, such different kinds of RPG's, not to mention for different systems (FFXII is only PS2). FFXII is way more like Final Fantasy XI Online, where you travel the world and level up, where as Final Fantasy XIII is way more linear. And since this is the first Final Fantasy on the PS3 (with HD graphics), this game has now taken first priority in my game playing. I will go back to XII after I beat XIII, which will probably be in the summer, so I can't wait for that. It'll be nice having that game to go back to after a couple months break. XIII will not be as long as XII, I have a feeling.

Anyway, as you can tell, I am already totally immersed in FFXIII and it's absolutely breathtaking. As in all titles in the series, it is very Japanese, and very cheesy at times, but the shear gorgeousness of the sci-fi world Square-Enix created is just awe-inspiring and draw-droppingly beautiful.

So naturally, I am obsessed with the game, and even though I'm only 4 hours in, I had to take a break and draw the main character from the game, Lightning. I hope you like it!

Now back to the couch tonight to play the game and be taken off to a gorgeous land far, far away! Thanks Square-Enix! You never fail to disappoint, and I thank you because when I play these Final Fantasy games, I get so inspired, and my imagination runs wild, and I get so many ideas. As much time as these games take up in my life, they motivate me and inspire me to draw and create art like no other! I know I just said I will be on the couch playing the game all night, but after that, I will be drawing my own art all day Saturday and Sunday!

Til next time,
Have a great weekend everyone!


PS- I Still have a bunch of art to post, including the Green Lantern DPS, but all in good time... So please be patient, and I'll be sure to have plenty of stuff to show for a good while!

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