Thursday, December 31, 2009

Do They Know Its [STILL] Christmas?!

Scrooge © United Artists (US)
By Corey Breen

One last Christmas time Drawing. This one and the previous Nightmare before Christmas drawings were both done for the fabulous crew over at Cave Drawing Ink for their Top Ten Christmas Movies List Blog! I got do draw number six, The Nightmare, and also the NUMBER ONE Movie, Scrooge, starring Alastair Sim. This move is also one of my all time FAVORITE movies, Christmas or NOT! Its that good. So if you are still in the Christmas Spirit, and I know you still are, or even if you are not, please see this version of the classic Christmas Carol story; you will not regret it!

I actually love how this drawing came out so much, that I decided to put it in a beautiful frame and give it to my mother, who introduced me to the movie when I was really, REALLY little, and it's been a family tradition to watch it on Christmas Eve year in and year out. Now I say its one of my favorite movies of all time, but for my mother, it is absolute her favorite movie of all time, by FAR! So she really loved it, and I was really happy to do it for her, and I thank the Cave Drawing Ink crew for letting me participate in the Top Ten list they held, so I could be able to do this drawing! I hope you all like it, and to see the other top ten movies the guys picked, and all the illustrations that went along with those picks, please check out their website at:

Again, lots more to come as we try and start the New Year, 2010 off with a BANG, and lets have a cheer to make this year the BEST yet for yourself, myself, and CjB Productions!

Happy New Year Everyone,

... and God Bless Us, Everyone!

Corey Breen
CjB Productions

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