Sunday, January 3, 2010

SaricH Sculpture by Famos Sculpture

SaricH © Corey Breen

Now, if you've been to my website, or my blog, or my facebook page, deviant art page, comic space page, or my Twitter page, you know this image by now! This is a character I created long, long ago, named SaricH. He is an anamorphic character based on a midget humanoid spotted leopard cub. He is one of my favorite characters that I've created (and I have hundreds). He is pretty much the charcter I use for all my work, portfolio's, logos, or press. He is kinda like my company mascot for all intents and purposes. I have major plans for him, and I hope to do stuff along the lines of Dave Sim's Cerebus character, for he is also based upon him.

In a previous blog post, I explained how I was trying to make a sculpture out of the character. I like to sculpt, but usually my mind is bigger then my skill sets, and it doesn't come out the way I see it in my head. I think with practice, I could get very good at it, but my focus is always on drawing and creating, and to learn a whole new craft is very time consuming, when I should keep my focus on the drawing.

Working at DC Comics, I got to become friends with a lot of coworkers, and some of them have been the Design Department. They get to work on all the toys, statues, and packaging that comes out of DC Direct! One of the coolest jobs ever, next to mine, of course, hah ha! Just kidding.

One of the people I got to become friends with is Amos Hemsley! He is an AWESOME sculptor and a really nice guy. I asked Amos if he would be interested in doing a sculpture of my character, SaricH. Amos had recently moved on from DC to go freelance and expand his own company. Based on some of Amos' previous sculptures I've come to know, I knew he would make the COOLEST sculpture of SaricH imaginable! Luckily, Amos agreed to take on the commission! Sufice to say, I was so excited.

In about a month, maybe less, Amos was done, and sent me a jpg of the finished piece! Check it out for the first time, right HERE:

SaricH Sculpture by Amos Hemsley
Based on a Drawing and Character © Corey Breen

Amos didn't disappoint! In fact, he blew the ROOF off this piece. It stands at approximately 7 inches tall on the stand, and about 4 1/2 inches wide. After Amos was done with the sculpt, he made a mold of the it, and produced the cast that I took pictures of below, and now own!

View I

View II

View III

I can't thank Amos enough for the AMAZING job he did on the piece! It looks exactly like my drawing, and in fact, it makes SaricH look that much COOLER! Based on the sculpt, I will probably base his look in future drawings on the sculpture! I can't even explain how awesome it is to see my work produced in 3D! It makes it REAL somehow, that I never thought possible. Amos did a FANTASTIC job on it, and we both can't wait til we get it fully painted. Right now, the person who usually paints Amos' work is very busy right, and I'll have to wait a few months before I can possibly use the painter to help finish the sculpture. But I can wait just a tad longer, as I just stare in awe of my character, portared by one of the UP AND COMING SCULPTORS IN THE BUSINESS, AMOS HEMSLEY!

Please, please PLEASE< check out Amos' site here, and tell him how awesome you think SaricH came out, and how good a sculptor he is (because he IS), and give him a shout out for me!

SO, I will keep you posted on when the piece is fully colored, and I can't wait to get to be at the convention circles, in Artist's Alley where SaricH will sit on my table, front and center for all to see. Another HUGE thank you to Amos for his stellar work...

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