Thursday, December 17, 2009

Entering the Dark-Side-rs!

Darksiders - Your Last Days Contest Entry
Darksiders © THQ, Inc.
By Corey Breen
Pencils & Photoshop

So I entered yet another contest. I never win these things, but it's always fun to throw your hat into the ring of an art competition. Hey, you never know, and if anything, it's more people to see you work, if they show all the submissions, which this contest is doing. The contest is being held over on DEVIANT ART, for the new Joe Mad! video game called Darksiders. The game looks amazing, and will be out January 8th, 2010! Obviously if you know me well at all, Joe Mad is my all time FAVORITE artist, bar none. He is really the one that keeps my comic aspirations and inspirations going, for every time I see his art, I just want to draw, and be as good as he is. He blows me away with EVERY drawing he does. So when I saw that a contest was being held where he was holding, and going to be one of the judges, I could not pass up the opportunity to enter.

Here are some links for the contest.

The Contest itself:

All the submissions for the contest (keep refreshing for more pieces being uploaded):

My Deviant Art Page Submission (feel free to leave a comment, or show your support):

The Darksiders Video Game Community Board:

Well I hope you like my entry! It is all done in pencil, a double page spread, so the actual size is about 22 x 17 inches. I scanned the pencils in (cleaned it up), made adjustments in Photoshop, and then changed the tones to a sepia color that I thought looked awesome for the piece, and think it adds a lot to the look of the piece more so then the gray pencils did.

So wish me luck in the contest, and good luck to everyone who enters. I sure could use the money, and or a PlayStation 3 or XBox 360, so, fingers crossed!

And lastly, I just can not WAIT to get my hands on this game in January (assuming Santa brings me a PS3 for Christmas :-} ).

Check out the main video on the community board page for 2 minutes of the opening story of the game, with still moving images all from Joe Mad!

You can see why he is and always will be the BEST artist in the world when it comes to this genre! Joe will always be an inspiration to me, and I thank him tremendously for that.

Oh, LOTS more to come very, VERY soon, trust me. I can't wait to show you some of the pieces I've done recently, it's been a very good month so far! So stay tuned, and I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday season so far!

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