Monday, March 16, 2009

Masters of the Universe!

Always been a HUGE fan of He-Man. Besides GI Joe, that was my favorite Cartoon and the toys I played with the most. Something about He-Man and Battle Cat and Orco was just too cool not to play with.

I began working on a Jam piece with Steve again, where I would do a pin-up of all the heroes of Masters of the Universe, and Steve would do the villains. I got as far as pencils on He-Man, Orco, Stratos, Teela, and Fisto, until the freelance JLA/ Rittenhouse Cards came up, and I had to put this on the back burner. I'm really happy with the He-Man and Orco images, so I hope to finally put them all together and finish the final piece. I'll have to talk to Steve and see if he is still up to doing the second part of the jam piece, but if not, I'll have a cool He-Man heroes pin-up.

If you like these, and other 80's cartoon characters, be sure to check out my site ( where I have various pin-ups of GI Joe, COPS, Thunder CATS, and even Strawberry Shortcake!

Speaking of which, I can't WAIT for the GI Joe Movie this summer, I don't even care if if it sucks (yes I do-it better be good). It is gonna be the biggest dream come true! I am currently looking for cheap copies of all the old cartoon episodes, but they are out of print and really hard to find at a good price. Let me know if anyone has any luck in finding these, or knows someone who has them I can burn from. Dying to relive all those classic episodes!

I heard movies are being made of Thunder CATS and another remake of Masters of the Universe, so I hope that comes true too. But I just really hope, like GI Joe, they take all of the properties seriously. I know they are really just nostalgic memories from my past, but they had such a HUGE influence on my life, I want the coolest movies they could make. Guess we'll find out soon with GI Joe. With that movie, as long as there is an uninterrupted 20 minute sword fight between Snake Eyes & Storm Shadow, I will be as giddy as a school girl! Please don't mess that up, PLEASE! LOL

Well, got to get back to my JLA Cards, which I should finish tonight... I only have 12 cards left! 12! That's 188 done in one month! I still have to label all of them and scan them all, but I am so looking forward to finishing the final 12 tonight! So excited!

Have a great day everyone...



Jason Embury said...

Love that Orco pic man, really cool stuff!! :D

Corey Breen said...

Thanks Jason! Hopefully I can finish the piece and show you how I will incorporate them all into one image. Either that, or maybe do them each separately with their own backgrounds. We'll see!