Friday, March 20, 2009

The Angel of Death Awaits You!

Azrael: Death's Dark Knight by Corey Breen

Battle for the Cowl - Azrael: Death's Dark Knight #1 pg.20 Art by Frazer Irving

Above is my version of the ALL NEW, ALL DIFFERENT Azrael!
I love this character. For some reason, back when Denny O'Neil and Joe Quesada came out with this mini-series call The Sword of Azrael, I took to it right away. I have loved the character ever since. I even loved him when Batman broke his back and took over. Yet I only liked that when he had the huge claw gloves, and not when he fully took over with the new tech suit. That suit didn't work as Batamn or Azrael. It was like Red/ Blue Superman.

I even liked him when he grew his hair long and had the half mask, all white outfit. I had a hard time drawing that suit, I remember, so I never did a full drawing of it. Still liked it though.

But now this is the newest incarnation of the Character, and it's pretty cool. I hope once Battle for the Cowl is over, and this series finishes it's three issue run, that it spins off into it's own title again. It's a cool premise, and you could totally make it connect with the old series, maybe bring back the old order and Jean-Paul Valley too. Could be a cool Da Vinci Code, Opus-Dei thing, mixed with the action of say, the Highlander or something. I've always loved Knight Templar stuff, so Azrael is a character with a lot of potential. And who would EVER not like a guy who weilds a FLAMING SWORD?! I do hope if they bring the book back to a monthly, that the old costume rears it's head at some point. Joe Quesada's designs on that were AWESOME!

Great work in this new series by a REALLY cool artist named Frazer Irving. So glad he is back here at DC, after I loved him in Seven Soldiers Klarion a couple years back. Also, coworker, Sal Cipriano on letters in this book... GREAT work Sal!

That's it for now, but be sure to check back REALLY, really soon, where I am going to post some examples of the type of work I do here at DC in the bullpen. I never got a chance to show everyone on my main site, so I think this blog is a great place to show people "what it is I do HERE, exactly". LOL

Til then,

Corey OUT!


MitchyMitchyMitchy said...

Azrael's coming back?? I had no idea. I did not like him as batman-- especially that costume he made, but I really liked Azrael the character.

Great redesign, and good call on the Opus Dei, DaVinci code potential.

Swands said...

This is a pretty awesome piece yo.