Monday, January 30, 2012

"52 by 1" - Week 3 - Green Arrow #1

Green Arrow #1 © DC Comics
"52 by 1" - week 3
By Corey Breen
Pencil, Copics & Photoshop

This should have been LAST weeks cover, Green Arrow #1!

This weeks cover is Batwing #1, and I just need to do the tones and drop the cover logo's treatments in. That will be posted this week; on time!

Then it's Suicide Squad #1 which is almost completely pencilled as well, so that should totally be on time too, early next week.

Unless the NEW YORK FOOTBALL GIANTS WIN THE SUPERBOWL, then I just may have to party for the next 3 weeks straight, lol!


Only thing is, my Copics are getting real dry, REAL FAST! Uh-oh, because I don't have the money to get more...


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