Thursday, March 17, 2011

Video Games are Better then Movies!

Liara from Mass Effect 2 © Bioware
By Corey Breen

They just are, sorry.

Just finished Mass Effect 2, and it was AMAZING! Star Wars slash Battlestar Galactica slash Final Fantasy! This game just blew my mind. No doubt I am late to the party on this one, since it was first Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 for the XBox, but I have a PS3 and it didn't come out for PS3 until about two months ago. I spent 70 hours on this game, and I wish it was even longer. One of the few games where I want to collect ALL the trophies, AND/OR play it ALL again. I don't usually have the time or effort to ever do that, but with this game, I REALLY want to. Even my favorite games (Zelda - Ocarina of Time was the only one I've ever played completely through twice, I think).

Mass Effect 2 was SO inspiring and SO motivating to me, it's beyond words. Can't say enough about this game. It has really elevated my brain as I go deeper into creating my own world, as I have discussed I am working on.

So enjoy my very quick (half hour) sketch of Liara from Mass Effect 2 or in other words, my VIDEO GAME GIRLFRIEND, lol. [My wife HATES that I have a video game girlfriend.]

Now it's off to working on my creation, and also begin playing Dragon Age 2, which is like Mass Effect 2, but with Dragons and Medieval Times! So psyched.

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